Many people struggle with organization and time management. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by distractions, it is difficult to stay on track with our goals and tasks, says Georges Chahwan. There are many ways that people can become better organized both mentally and physically from the way they dress, set up their workspace, keep their possessions in order, etc. A major problem with the mental organization is the unintentional neglect of certain responsibilities or tasks during times of stress or distraction. This issue can be resolved by using a simple planner which has daily sections for each task- this allows for one to check off what they have completed rather than simply continuing to add items as they think of them. It also enables one to prioritize certain tasks over others.

Physical organization begins with a proper workspace. This entails a place for everything. Clutter is detrimental to the concentration of the individual as well as increasing the chances that one might lose an object due to its use as a storage space for other things. In addition, it makes the person who uses the space feel guilty or overwhelmed at all of their unfinished business.

What some individuals don’t realize is that organization is a skill; it can be learned and improved upon with effort, adds Georges Chahwan. Over time, one develops strategies that work best for you based on trial-and-error experimentation over many years. It’s about finding your own way but getting started doesn’t take much time at all! The main point is recognizing the need for change and being motivated to take action. What other strategies have you used to become better organized? What tips would you give someone who wants to be more organized?