Now, this is a concept that we see a lot of in the world. Remember to be positive, everything is going to be okay as long as you look at the good in everything and everyone.

Well, guess what. Sometimes things are shit. Sometimes you are angry and frustrated and furious with good reason. And do you know what? It is okay to be angry. It is your right to be angry. You are allowed to be angry!

When you deny your right to be angry, you deny your right to be human. And the same for every other ‘negative’ emotion. Please note my inverted commas around the word negative. The world loves to brand things as positive or negative.

All emotions are valid – anger, guilt, frustration, impatience, grief, love, envy, sadness, anxiety, jealousy, joy – all of them! All emotions are energy.

Part of our human experience is being able to connect to different emotions. This is a unique Earth-centric capability. One of the reasons Souls choose to come here is to experience the emotional body in this dimension as it is not available anywhere else.

But somewhere a long, long time ago someone decided to create a distinction between emotions, placing judgement on emotion and labelling it good or bad.

We were also told that we are not to show or feel bad emotions. Feeling emotions like jealousy, envy and anger are wrong. Thinking bad thoughts or feeling ‘bad’ emotions will result in you burning in hell, remember it’s a sin!

So what do we do – we swing the pendulum right to the other side. To survive and not die in the eternal flames of hell for being bad, we must be all positive and loving.

Completely denying ourselves the opportunity of learning from these amazing energies that we have wanted to experience as Souls. Our emotional bodies/energy fields were designed to deal with emotions. The emotions enter our system and then requires to be felt, for your cells to respond to this energy. And then once fully felt we allow it to be released again. We take from those emotions the lessons, we take from it the beauty and the learning.

But as we are still learning to understand this strange energy body, we sometimes get it wrong. We either take that emotion once it enters and we suppress it into the depth of our being. We love to store anger in our livers and sadness in our hearts. We hide it in our physical body and hold onto it in an unseen manner. It’s a bit like sweeping things under the carpet, except we store it somewhere in our body.

Or once this emotion enters we like to hold onto it with our mental energy body. We find a space in our minds to keep this emotion of say for instance jealousy, and in those moments between living our lives and being busy, like at night when you get into bed and want to fall asleep we start analysing it. We spend hours of our lives looking at this emotion, over analysing it, thinking about it over and over and over again. We are like bulldogs not wanting to let go of this piece of meat. Holding on and never wanting to let go.

When instead our energy body was designed to feel it, work with it and then gently send it on its way out of our energy body again. Flowing in and out like water.

Our emotions are such beautiful teachers. They point us right at the resistance within ourselves. They show you truths, desires, wounds and love that you hold within you. They are sacred expressions that help us to become more conscious.

What if anger was actually there to reconnect you with your sacred power?
What if jealousy was there to reconnect you with your creative abilities?
What if guilt was there to reconnect you with your compassion within?
What if frustration was there to help you change direction in your life?
What if impatience was there to help you learn to trust?
What if envy was there to propel you forward in a new way?
What if sadness was there to help you love yourself more?
What if anxiety was there to help you connect deeper with yourself?

If you allow yourself that moment in time to feel those emotions, you allow it to pass through your system. You can feel it, be in it and then take time to understand it. If every time that emotion arises you choose to push it down again into the depths of you it becomes bigger and bigger. And then one day you will feel like a massive overwhelming explosion within when it gets too much. Something inside will break.

So allow yourself to feel it all. Allow yourself to also sit down with it and understand what triggered those emotions within you. Look at it and see what it wants to show you. The more you allow all your feelings to be real, happy and content will be showing up for you anyways. There will be more space within you for all feelings.

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash