Microsoft certifications are indeed preferred by a lot of people interested in technical careers and skills. Numerous candidates thrive on getting the highly demanded Microsoft certifications on their resumes. 

But is the new addition of Microsoft certification, the AZ-900, really worth the rest? 

If you are deeply invested in Microsoft, there have been many changes in the Microsoft Azure certification systems. Amid such changes, the AZ-900 certification exam is the one. The AZ-900 certification exam, which stands for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, is an entry-level exam for new candidates in the world of Microsoft Azure basics. 

Foundational level exams already exist for new candidates. That’s why it is good for you to know whether this new AZ-900 exam is really worth it or not. 

Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification – the AZ-900 exam

Although not immensely necessary, the Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certifications exam is still a good choice for those candidates beginning their journey into a technology career with no such technical solid knowledge. And a Microsoft certification is a great way to give yourself a strong point for a career change. 

Microsoft Azure is one such certification option with which you can grasp the basics of major technical concepts. To begin with, you can start off by appearing for the AZ-900 certification exam. This exam is the Fundamental level certification that is only for Azure-related purposes. You can even find az-900 practice test online to prepare for the actual AZ-900 examination. And let me tell you, practice exams are a great measure to prepare for any crucial certification or competitive examination. 

Microsoft Azure offers numerous services. Getting to know each and every content included in Azure is a big challenge. However, learning about the functions of Azure fundamentals and other vital components is essential. For that matter, the AZ-900 exam is worth the attempt. 

Having an AZ-900 certification will give the impression to others that you possess the required skills in relation to Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing. This exam emphasizes more on engraving the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure in the candidates. 

AZ-900 exam: What’s in it? 

As a fundamental level certification course, the AZ-900 exam covers broad content. The stuff that you learn while taking the AZ-900 exam is eligible enough for every Azure role. So, the essential topics that this exam covers are: 

  • Understanding Core Azure Services
  • Understanding Azure Pricing and Support
  • Understanding Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust
  • Understanding Cloud Concepts

The topics listed above are as per the weightage of topics usually covered in the exam. 

Although passing the AZ-900 exam is not a mandatory prerequisite for obtaining other Microsoft Azure certifications, it is still better to attempt it. For instance, if you do not want to spend extra time preparing for the AZ-900 exam, you can still take its practice tests or even prepare for other Microsoft Azure Certifications by studying the AZ-900 exam dump.s like the AWS certification dump.s 2021. So, in one or the other way, AZ-900 is still beneficial for you. 

AZ-900 exam is an optional Microsoft Azure Certification. But, it is worth taking it. Microsoft aspirants who are new to the cloud computing platforms, transitioning to the Azure platform, or familiar with GCP and AWS, but not with Microsoft Azure, can take the AZ-900 exam. 

AZ-900 Certification – Benefits

Want to build a career scope in Microsoft Azure?

Want to obtain higher advanced Microsoft certifications? 

In that case, then you should probably take the AZ-900 certification exam. You can also find some benefits of the same right below. 

  • Proof of Microsoft Azure’s Fundamental knowledge. 

Since AZ-900 is an entry-level exam for other advanced Microsoft certifications, this exam primarily covers the basics only. Having an AZ-900 credential in your resume indicates that you possess the necessary fundamentals of Microsoft Azure cloud computing. This forms a firm foundation for your Azure career. You cannot get to the high position right away with fundamental knowledge, but at least building a base is a start. 

Just possessing the basic Azure knowledge will make you stand out from the rest. 

  • Increases your career scope in cloud computing. 

Suppose you applied for an IT job role in a company. Now, even without any strong IT background, if you have the AZ-900 certified in your CV, your likelihood of getting hired will increase significantly. Even in your current job position, you can showcase more and a higher skill set than your colleagues. And another relevant advantage is that you may even get job promotions and higher earnings. You can try for other new job roles as your competitiveness has increased. 


Conclusively, if you want better job opportunities in cloud computing, taking the AZ-900 exam will be worth it. You can apply this knowledge for both business and personal purposes. Nonetheless, the AZ-900 certification exam is proof for a Microsoft Azure aspirant to become a professional. 


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