With age comes wisdom, life experience and — unfortunately – a few other, less desirable side effects, such as low energy levels, aging skin, an increased vulnerability to illness and slower recovery times following our workouts. While it’s easy to attribute these ‘symptoms’ – and other more serious health conditions – to an increase in chronological age, it may not be the primary reason we feel “older.” The answer could actually be in our cells.

The human body is composed of approximately 37 trillion cells. And inside these cells are the mitochondria, tiny bean-shaped organelles responsible for generating the energy our body needs to function. Every single activity our body performs – from chewing and digesting food, to pumping blood to and from the heart – requires energy. And the mitochondria help supply this energy in the cells that all of our vital organs need to ensure our body runs as it should.

The mitochondria also produce an antioxidant called CoQ10, which essentially helps the body create cellular energy and neutralize free radicals. However, as we age, our mitochondria become less efficient. In fact, as soon as we reach the age of 30, mitochondrial function declines about 10% with each passing decade. With this decline, natural CoQ10 production also begins to diminish. Poor mitochondrial function has been associated with more than 200 serious health conditions. Furthermore, 7 of the top 10 causes of death in the U.S. are either known or suspected to be the result of mitochondrial dysfunction.

CoQ10 supplements are widely available worldwide, but most of these supplements are too large to penetrate the mitochondrial membrane. That means, the majority of the CoQ10 gets absorbed into the bloodstream WITHOUT reaching the mitochondria – where it is needed the most!

Good news – there’s a new, unique form of CoQ10 that is specifically designed to reach the mitochondria. In fact, it can penetrate the secure mitochondrial membrane hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10. This “smart supplement” is called MitoQ – it’s a shortened version of CoQ10 with a positive charge, making it more attractive to the negatively charged mitochondria and small enough to penetrate the very selective mitochondrial double membrane.

Unlike many other supplements on the market today, the safety and efficacy of MitoQ has been supported by hundreds of clinical studies and millions of dollars of research.

Although everyone’s body is unique and will experience the effects of MitoQ differently, many people who try it will notice increased energy levels, improved endurance and shortened recovery times. Some will experience improved mental focus, less stress, better sleep and an overall lift in wellbeing. And while it is possible that some people will not feel any noticeable effects after taking MitoQ, rest assured that the unique form of CoQ10 is working hard behind-the-scenes to support the mitochondria and help improve long-term cellular health.

Getting older is inevitable. But it is possible to age “better” by supporting our body’s health from the inside out.