Have you heard of Relationship Marketing? Apparently, that is what I teach. I didn’t know that until someone else shared that phrase with me. At first, I didn’t like the notion. I took issue with the word marketing because it felt salesy at best and manipulative at worst.

But that was my interpretation. When I thought about it, I guess it makes sense since the subtitle of my first book is “people do business with people they like.” When combined, it took on a different feeling for me.

We are all, and always, marketing something. Whether it is ourselves, our ideas, our vision or even our preference. The work I do is about increasing your success with whatever it is you are trying to accomplish through the strong relationships you build.

So my question for you is, what’s working?

You are reading my books, my blog, and watching my videos – so what have you tried that worked for you?

I was recently asked to be on a podcast and they asked to bring a guest or client that can share their story and experiences implementing the ideas.

Are you that person? Have you achieved improvement with your goals by implementing concepts from The Connector’s Advantage? 

I want to hear your story about how The Connector’s Advantage has impacted you. What results you’ve seen from integrating key concepts from the book? From acgenerous spirit to clear vision, adopting a mindset of abundance or being conscientious. What worked for you?

One of you will be invited to join me on the podcast episode.  If you don’t want to be on the show, that’s fine. I still want to hear your story.

Excited to hear! Please share.