It is May. The month I was brought into this world. It is the month of my birth. It reports on social media, on my event calendar, even on my grandmother’s fridge!

So, yes, the topic comes up about my birthday and I get enthusiastic, for more than one reason. Some of you toss your heads back and say “who cares, I stopped counting”! The thought of others thinking this way blows my mind. I am proud to have lived another year. Hell, I’m grateful I woke up this morning!

It is not so much the age I care about (because if you ask me about my last five years, I WOULDN’T HAVE AN ANSWER)! NO ONE LIKES GROWING OLDER. Am I sad that the years fly by, YES, but not ashamed.

Are you considering the pain in your joints or the crow’s feet around your eyes aging? 

Consider this thought… Is growing older in age, with a few aches and pains better with… or without living the great life experiences? Whether your experience unfolds to be a masterpiece or a painful lesson, it’s still growth, is it not?

Speaking to others, most have a bucket list and LOVE to cross items off when they accomplish something. I never understood the whole bucket list thing because if I want to do something, I do my best to get it accomplished now rather than later. Yes, money can hold me back at times but my drive keeps me going. Talking to others about their bucket list made me feel as if there was disappointment in their voice. As if others feel negative about their life experiences (or lack of). This negative self-talk can cause yourself emotional abuse without you even realizing it. STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP FROM ALL OF YOUR PROCRASTINATION. Start planning every time you want to do something and MOST OF ALL,  follow through.

Ask yourself this (as I have done), “is this goal really meant for me”? Maybe the situation you are in at the moment is preparing you for the most coolest adventure yet! I have learned that I must start at whatever chapter I am presently in to get to where I want to be.
This shouldn’t relate it to your age. BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU’RE GROWING.

If you don’t like it, change it.

Some concepts that I currently use to help me are…

  1. A dry erase board. Yes, I like this tool because I can change my priorities from day to day. I am like a child and write in different colors, circles, underlines, and the best part about this board is every time I sit down in my office, I am forced to look at it.
  • Make a list of what you have accomplished and like about yourself. My whole perspective about my self-esteem and goals changed when I did this. I wrote down things like I about myself, such as, I put myself through college and graduated as president of my class. I made it to the National Athlete Body Building Stage, with honors. I like that I can depend on myself. I like that I don’t give up when I desire something. I like that I am an independent woman and I am proud to help other people in need.  Believe me, once you create this list, you will feel differently about your age and about yourself. Age doesn’t matter and it is just a number.
  • Set goals, follow through, and don’t set a time limit. It does not matter who sees it, make a list of goals. Meditate on them. Do the research to find out which goals are meant for you (not for society or your parents), then make a plan. Don’t worry about a time limit because as long as you are one step ahead of yesterday, you are succeeding.

A side note:

I relocated to West Palm Beach, attempting to hide from an abusive relationship and to create a better life for myself than I currently had. I ended up finding my life purpose. My goals never end and I never settle. In a few years, I wonder, will I be in the same city or even the same country? I don’t know and I refuse to let my age hold me back. Some of my most grateful life experiences were never set out in a plan.
They just happened.

I am Katrina.

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