We use cellphones in every area of our lives, including our work. Normally your boss and coworkers have your phone number, and you may even have a group chat with your colleagues. You may keep you cell phone on your desk. For some people, it’s the best way for coworkers to reach them during office hours. When it comes to cell phone usage, the line between personal and professional is often blurred. Cell phones are also notoriously distracting, even addictive. Your phone may take a toll on your career for a variety of reasons. 

Notifications Grab Your Attention

When many of us see a notification pop up on our phone screen, our first instinct is to pick it up and check it. We immediately prioritize reading the message or checking the social media post over whatever other task we are working to complete. This habit has an extremely negative impact on our productivity. Each time you check your phone, your attention is diverted from your work, and it can be harder to settle back into whatever you were originally doing. 

Constantly checking your phone also demonstrates that you are easily distracted, or that your phone is more important than what is happening around you. These factors can put a strain on your relationships at work.

Constantly Texting

Even if you’re texting about work-related issues, your coworkers don’t know the whole story. Consider making a quick call to the person you need to communicate with instead. For an even better approach, schedule an in-person meeting with them or stop by their desk. If you must communicate through messages, use a messaging app on your computer instead. 

Remember that talking in person is often more efficient. Communicating complex ideas through a message can be difficult. You don’t want anything to be lost in translation! Text messages are also easier to misunderstand, which could lead to disagreements or the wrong conclusion. 

Even if you’re texting about work-related issues, your coworkers don’t know the whole story.

Blue Light Damage

Did you know that the blue light your cell phone produces impacts your sleep cycle? The blue light reduces the amount of melatonin in our brains, which leads to difficulty falling asleep. Your work suffers if you’re tired from not getting enough sleep. Using your phone less will reduce the amount of blue light to which you are exposed during the day. 

Consider putting your phone away during work hours. Doing so will lead to more productivity, stronger relationships with your coworkers, and better health.