Everyone knows the saying ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’, but I reckon there’s more to it! I think your dog might also, covertly, be your life coach! Let’s check out your dog’s average daily agenda and how he* engineers activities to keep you in tip top condition.

A dog sitting on a table

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Morning walk/run – Yep, your dog’s favourite part of the day is making sure YOU get your daily exercise! He loves it when you get outside for some fresh air and activity.

A dog standing on grass

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Pinching food – No, he’s not being greedy, he’s purely helping you keep a balanced and moderate diet.

Breaching the rules – Did you think he was being naughty and not listening? Absolutely not. He’s simply checking that you are setting and maintaining boundaries. This isn’t all by chance you know!

Playtime – Ok, it’s lunchtime and you need a rest from your work and all those never-ending meetings. Let’s go outside and play for a little while? No, he’s not going to stop nudging you with his cold, wet nose till you get up and have a break.

Treat time – It’s really important to be kind and generous, so how about giving him a treat? He knows it makes you laugh when he raises his paw as a trick, and your heart swell with joy and happiness when he enjoys his snack.A dog lying on green grass

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Petting time – Your dog knows that the action of stroking him for 8 minutes a day is clinically proven to lower stress levels and reduce your heart rate. He loves being stroked, but he’s mostly encouraging you to be relaxed and decompress from the day and engage in this meditative practise! It’s great for your health and because he loves you so much, he might just make you stroke him for longer than 8 minutes!

A person and a dog lying on a bed

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Wow, what a fun packed, fulfilled day! This life coaching sure is tiring work, but it’s so rewarding. Your dog loves making sure you are challenged to live your best life, after all you are his best friend!

*Please note that the author’s dog is a boy, and therefore every dog gets referred to as ‘he’! ?