Do you find yourself unable to get a peaceful night’s sleep even after trying a gazillion things? Not being able to sleep peacefully at night is one of the most frustrating things one can experience. 

If you’ve tried all home remedies, tried all the foods that could help you sleep, created the most comfortable environment in your room, changed your mattress, but still haven’t had any luck, then maybe it’s time to look at the most overlooked factor: your pillow. 

Most people assume that it’s stress, depression, anxiety or insomnia that is becoming a hurdle in their sleep but what they don’t realise is that it could be their pillow that is causing restlessness in their sleep.

Neck and Shoulder pain

We reached out to the sleep experts at Pillow Insider to find out the most common indicator that you may be sleeping on a wrong pillow. Based on their findings, waking up with neck and shoulder pain is a major sign that your pillow is the cause behind your sleepless nights. If you’re waking up with such pains then that means that you either need to change your pillow or get rid of the pillow for good. 

Some people can peacefully sleep without a pillow and not get disturbed throughout the night. And some might be sleeping with a thick pillow when actually they require a thin one for a peaceful sleep.

If you’re experiencing such pains you should definitely consult your doctor and follow his advice. Some doctors might not suggest sleeping without a pillow. In such instances you can try different pillows to see which one suits you best and helps in keeping your body alignment in perfect shape.

Preferred Sleeping Position

Almost everyone has a preferred sleeping position in which they fall asleep comfortably. While finding a comfortable sleeping position is important, it should be kept in mind that your pillow’s thickness is in accordance with that position. 

For instance, people who sleep on their stomach should always use a light and soft pillow to keep their head from not tilting too far. Back and side sleepers should always use a thin pillow otherwise their neck and spine will not be in perfect alignment, causing neck and shoulder pain ultimately leading to a restless night. 

If your pillow does not match with your sleeping position, then it’ll make it harder for you to sleep peacefully. If you want to sleep without any disturbances and don’t want to wake up again and again in the middle of the night, then it is best to choose a suitable pillow.  

Sleep Without a Pillow

There’s a trick that many people with sleeping problems don’t try, that is, sleeping without a pillow. It’s important to note that sleeping without a pillow is not beneficial for everyone. If you suspect that your pillow might be causing trouble during the night then you can try sleeping without one for a night.

Sleeping without a pillow has many benefits, it helps in preventing neck and back pain, headache, and alleviates stress. All these contributing factors help in a peaceful sleep.

Find the Right Pillow 

To have a nice and comfortable sleep, one needs to find the best pillow that suits them. Now several companies are making multi-purpose pillows. They have a huge range of pillows like app- connected pillows, pillows that prevent snoring, pillows for your neck, pillows that cover your head, pillows for travelling, “n” shaped pillows, or cervical pillow. 

One has to find a pillow that fits their sleeping position. Making a good choice for your pillow will surely help you to sleep peacefully at night.


It’s possible that the pillow itself isn’t the reason for your sleepless nights but something that’s inside it is the reason that you stay up all night or can’t sleep properly. Many people have allergies to so many things. 

So it could be possible that the stuff inside the pillow or the type of cotton that is inside it is causing you allergies which makes you sneeze, coughing or your eyes start to get watery in the middle of the night and you are up like an owl. 

Due to these allergic reactions you’ll find yourself in a very restless situation. It’s even possible that the allergies get so severe that it causes further serious problems. To avoid such situations you need to be very careful in choosing the pillow stuffing. So try using pillows that are filled with latex, foam or corn husk; and similarly covers should be made of  fine cotton, wool, polyester or latex.

Finding the root cause of our sleepless nights is the key. Once you figure that out, you can find a remedy for that. Replacing a pillow is such a low cost idea that doesn’t pop in your head most of the time. So the next time you find yourself restless, take a peek under your head and start fixing the problem from there and then you’re good to go.


  • Kristina P.

    Certified Sleep Consultant

    Kristina is a passionate sleep consultant helping people improve their productivity and overall health by sleeping better at night. She has helped hundreds of people overcome their sleep challenges and enjoy a good night's sleep.