Is your soul yearning to birth a book out into the world?

The old book publishing paradigm has shifted, and it is an amazing thing!

OK so I wanted to be a published author for decades.

I studied published authors, attended courses, sent pitches, created vision boards, took writing classes…. I could go on.

The old paradigm of publishing really used to confuse me. What magic power did these published authors hold within???? What made their message more important than mine??

Then it clicked – it’s not about how awesome your message is, its about how marketable you are, it’s about the bottom line…. Money!

You get a book deal, you are coached through the process, your words are turned into literary masterpieces with the support of a professional writer, you lose the rights to your words, a marketing team get to work, following a rinse and repeat marketing strategy to ensure those sales come flying in, to cover their investment….

It felt wrong.

I have seen so many incredibly awesome people hold out for that unicorn of a ‘book deal’ to come along, holding back their sheer genius, their powerful messages, messages that will impact humanity!!

Waiting, pitching, vision boarding their book publishing dreams…. All the while not sharing their hearts messages with the world.

I fully believe that soul inspired books will change the world, and so it baffles me that anyone would let their wisdom fester in an unpublished manuscript, when the paradigm of publishing has shifted.

The old school way of publishing has shifted.

The old school way of marketing has shifted.

The new revolution of book publishing is entirely a soul led one, inspiring change makers and visionaries around the world to get their work out there and make the waves they were put on the planet to do make!

Words change the world.

Your words will change the world.

It was words I heard that completely shifted the trajectory of my life, for the better.

But a shift has happened….

There is a bubbling of magic in the air….

People daring to self-publish their work and claim their author power!

And it’s a wonderful kind of magic.

A wonderful kind of magic I wholeheartedly am here to lead.

Leading a revolution of powerful leaders to release their own kind of magic out into the world.

Forget the way it was done and step into the way we will be doing it moving forward.

You do not need to wait until you have a book deal to become a published author.

You do not need a rinse and repeat marketing strategy to have a successful book launch.

You need instead to lean into your own creative genius.

I have a background of marketing and honestly, I have sat in meetings and rolled my eyes at the obviousness and lack of originality of it all – this is an essence I have brought into every single book project I have launched.

Shifting from old paradigm, into soul led genius.

Your soul knows what needs to be shared in your book and you have access to an infinite wisdom that will reveal how you should market and promote your book.

There are endless ways you can promote your book, and you get to decide the ones that work for you.

There are endless ways in which you can publish your book, and you get to decide the one that works for you.

Book deal or no book deal.

Once your book is written and edited, you can have that book launched within a matter of days.

This is the new paradigm.

The shift was needed.

The shift is exciting.

We were not created to live a life restricted by boundaries, in any aspects of our life.

We are here to be, express, explore, share, enjoy, create, and inspire!!!

This is the new paradigm of book publishing.

Soul Led

Soul Inspired

Soul guided

I would love to support your book publishing journey, so if you are a spiritual entrepreneur with a calling to share your words with the world then let’s talk! You can contact me at [email protected]

Join the new publishing revolution!

Leanne x