When we are kids, we are taught to go the safe way. Get a degree. Find a job. Work 9-5 for a big conglomerate. That’s the ideal life, they say. But isn’t it all a sham? Many are happy with their stable jobs and limited salaries, but few dare to dream. Isar Chaudry says “If you dream different, you gotta do different”. When he came to the United Kingdom to get his degree, Isar also had the same idea. He even worked for an architectural firm. But that did not cut it. ” I realized that this isn’t it” – said Isar.

He wanted more, so he started doing more. He came across his partner in crime, Ali. Both Isar and Ali brainstormed and founded “Investify”. It is a learning platform for trading beginners. Anyone who wants to learn about Forex Trading can go to Investify. Isar and Ali help people know the market and guide them into it.

But this wasn’t all. Not only did Isar himself become a trader, but he also opened a platform where he could teach people about it. Isar has always believed that “There is no harm in pushing people ahead of you. Other’s success isn’t going to set you back. In fact, it is going to elevate you. And that my friend, is a boss move.”

Isar and Ali came together to create Investify. Now they are helping people with trading by sharing their tips. Before you become a leader, you must know how to lead yourself. Isar believes that in order to lead people to greatness, you must first know the formula for it. Once you have mastered it you can easily teach it.

Being a trader, a guide and a mentor wasn’t enough. Isar wanted to make the most out of life. He indeed has the hustle mode on. So, Isar and Ali came together to create their own proprietary trading firm called Investicapital. In only six months of starting “Investify”, Isar and Ali came up with another idea “Investicapital”. It’s a close-knit group and is making its mark in the industry.

Running multiple businesses and keeping track of them is hard. But Isar always has his “Grind Mode” on. Thanks to his partner Ali, most of the work is divided between them both. However, Isar believes that all work and no play is not cool. He says that “Sometimes when you are running multiple businesses, you gotta take some time off. It is called the trampoline effect, the reload before the take-off.”

Isar has never been someone who shies away from trying new things. Once he started making a life for himself he has started going after things he always wanted. Traveling the world has been his dream. Now, with a lifestyle of an entrepreneur he has the freedom to travel whenever and wherever he wants to. He has been to Greece, Pattaya, UK, Dubai, Belgium and he is just getting started.

You may see his lifestyle and imagine he is “living the life”. But Isar shared that the lifestyle he leads now is no easy thing, he had to build to it. He imagined himself living this life and then created it for himself. His Grind and hustle are the reason he is able to work hard and chill harder. When asked about what he feels about his lifestyle, Isar said that “I am getting tired of these high-end brands, I feel cheap wearing brands. It is so saturated. I would rather invest the money and triple it.” He aims to spend more on experience and less on things. That has been his key to living The Life.