The world is changing day by day – and with the spread of the Coronavirus, these are uncertain times we live in right now. It has gone strong from ordinary everyday life – to suddenly being in an everyday life where everything is turned upside down.

It triggers many emotions, considerations and thoughts – and with good reason. None of us are untouched by the consequences of the corona.

Maybe you have more time for reflection and development right now than you had just a few weeks ago?

If so, I would like to inspire you and motivate you – to see the benefits and to work further with your idea – from a constructive point of view.

All entrepreneurs are different, have different starting points and different ideas and dreams for their business.

Do you lack tools to structure your thoughts?

Especially for you who have not started yet

You have not yet borrowed money, do not face fixed expenses and lack of revenue.

You can prepare even more thoroughly – an important parameter for success.

You can work with and get sparring for the many chores such as: 

  • Homepage
  • Budgets
  • Marketing initiatives and plan for these
  • Setting up social media without having to publish them
  • Development of your services / products
  • Hold online meetings to find the right partners for you such as accountant, lawyer, web agency, graphic designer or whatever you need
  • Work with logo and company name
  • Negotiate with bank and others for best possible terms

You can make plans and get ahead with many things you might not otherwise have mastered before starting up.

It costs nothing to dream ……

And what could be more meaningful than letting the dreams and vision of your future working life fill right now so you can gain clarification and do some thorough preparation?

I would encourage you to keep dreaming.