Sabrina Saggu

The importance of people in business is not a new conversation, neither does it cause any form of panic when people’s importance in a business’s success is discussed. We often talk about great customer-service, about how we need to treat people right so they will return to do business with us.

But sometimes, we are often lost in the frenzy of anonymity that the internet gives us. We are forced to believe that as a business owner whose job doesn’t involve buying and selling directly to people, customer service is not so important. We have the leverage to do and act however we like; Afterall we are anonymous.

But how true is this belief? How anonymous are we? How less-important, or in more extreme cases, how unimportant are people for digital businesses’ success?

Sabrina Saggu believes that treating people right, understanding them, and helping them solve their problems will never be an outdated idea, except humans stopped living.

Sabrina is a successful digital entrepreneur whose life-goal helps millions of families get out of poverty by educating time about trading and building multiple streams of income.

Sabrina has hinted, at every opportunity she gets, that people-business is the business of every business.

Sabrina Saggu and her educators’ team are spread in different countries worldwide, in different languages, teaching people how to trade and make money online. Sabrina sees her team of educators as the HARVARD of trading education. That is how highly she rates her team.

Whenever Sabrina talks about helping people become more financially savvy and make money through trading and investing online, she always shares her experience on how she had poured herself into some people, wanting to help them learn the art and science of financial freedom, only to realize they were not ready to be helped.

Sabrina says that understanding people, knowing their personality types, and treating them with respect is how to succeed in any business. She doesn’t believe in doing the most for people who are not ready for success. She also doesn’t believe in treating everyone in the same way.

“We can’t and should not treat people as though they’re in a universal box, all of them with the same characteristic. It doesn’t matter what label the society has given them; people are different and so should be treated differently.”

Sabrina Saggu has taught and trained hundreds of families on trading and building sustainable and profitable online businesses. And she plans to empower more people, more families, more girls to become financially independent.

Sabrina Saggu places the utmost importance on treating people right, understanding them, and helping them become better and financially free.

Sabrina’s love for traveling and adventure, meeting new people, trying out different cuisines and cultures has increased since she understood the importance of people and how they’re treated, and how it impacts business success or failure.

The Toronto-based digital entrepreneur has continued to break boundaries, and her goal to help people is strengthened every day. She says her goal is to teach and train thousands of families in 2021 to be financially free and trade online.

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