I have been doing a lot of introspection over the past few days and I just realized that though it is a great practice to gift others every christmas, it is high time that I also gifted myself. For five years now, I have been giving gifts to family members and my children but never have I ever gifted myself. Well, it is a great thing because the good book says that it is better the hand that giveth than the one that receiveth because truly, I have been receiving a floodgate of blessings.

Needles to say, I want to treat myself this year with the most exotic gifts that I can land my hands on. Over the past few days, I will be shopping like crazy for gifts for myself. Of course, I will not be so crazy because everything has to be within my budget otherwise I could land myself into trouble and one broke January, 2019 and because I do not want to start things on a bad footing, everythings needs be reasonable. Here are some of the ideas that I have been harboring over the past few days.

My phone needs to be protected from my son who is always dropping it

Motherhood comes with a price tag. A dear one. My son has a deep obsession with my phone. He is always taking it, drooling over it, watching ‘baby shark’ songs and then when he is all done and tired and wants another play thing, he drops the phone on the tiled floor. Not carrying how much I bought it. No, with him, once he is done with it, he is done and will not want to look at it again. 

So, I have have had the screen broken countless times and I am afraid that the motherboard might not be spared in the future. As a cautionary measure, I am thinking of getting it a cute protective phone case. I have found some website with great and beautiful phone cases that will serve the purpose in making the phone a little more durable.

A good read

I am a voracious reader and before I got busy with family and my fashion business, I would find myself turning one novel after the other. I am so much into romance, thrillers and science fiction and over the holiday, I really need to indulge myself in books that will make me feel rejuvenated and work up my creative juices so that come 2019, I will not only be relaxed physically but also revived mentally.

I really need good sleep

I am thinking of getting a good ripple mattress. Yes, that might sound vain but over the past few months, I think I have been depriving myself of a good night sleep and it is high time that I now sleep in and enjoy feeling lazy so that come next year, I will be more rested and ready to face another marathoning year.