Self-Worth, two words that really are the root of all limiting beliefs women hold about their ability to be, do, and have in this lifetime.

Self-Worth, or lack of it, has played an incredible role in the opportunities I have missed, the times I have hidden, and the negative inner narrative I have played on repeat.

It is the reason women dim their light.

It is the reason women settle.

It is the reason women go on to live an unfulfilled life.

The journey of reclaiming your self-worth is a long one, as it is such a deep rooted and damaging concept we hold.

My own journey of slowly but surely realising that self-worth isn’t earned or learned, it is our birth right, we come into life already with the stamp of self-worth approval, inspired me to create my latest multi author book project.

24 women from around the world came together to share their own personal experiences of self-worth, with the intention of inspiring other women to become curious about theirs.

‘Know Your Worth Goddess’ is a reminder to women that we can create a pretty impressive illusion of who we think we are, and we sometimes need that pattern interrupt in life.

We sometimes need to have that tap on the shoulder and reminder to pause, take a step back, and become curious.

This book is your pattern interrupt, 24 beautiful stories to spark something within you.

To stir things up, creating space for your soul to flow through and remind you of your truth.

There is nothing more marvellous than seeing a women remember who she is, and as I proof-read the chapters of this book I had goose bumps, thinking about all of the women who might read it and then see themselves differently in the mirror.

When sleeping women wake, mountains move!

Be the woman who moved the mountain.

Tons of love

Leanne x

‘Know Your Worth Goddess’ is out on eBook & Paperback from the 09th July, available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel.


Hillary Sepulveda, Miriam Stener, Shveta S, Loretta Cristando Holton, Tierra Womack, Emma Halley, Laura Dempsey, Rachel Smithbone, Nicolle Star, Karishma Sharma, Buckso DW, Allsama B K, Wendy Dixon, Kathryn Van Der Steege, Sarah Williams, Rita Moore, Deanna Thomas, Iyy Glass, Lisa Martin, Nicola Drew, Haley Blackman, Holly Kobe Aye Ashi

Published by: The Everyday Goddess Revolution