Time for changing in life.

Written By: Christopher Michael Cooper

“Time for changing in life.” Written By: Christopher Michael Cooper
Many people who suffer from addiction may believe that willpower is all it takes to change but that is not the truth. Having willpower will be helpful but if you are serious about making permanent changes to your life than it takes far more than willpower to make these permanent changes to your life. One may ask so what will help me make permanent changes as an addict? Well it will take multiple things to change permanently as an addict. Here is some tips if you suffer as an addict and would like to make permanent changes that last: 1. What is your commitment? commitment will involve: • Investing beforehand • Going public • Make goals • Make a plan or outline • Set a time frame • Install a support system • Remove anything that can cause a relapse or threaten your sobriety from your environment • Get a sponsor • Do not associate with addicts or people who could jeopardize your sobriety but be nice. • Surround yourself with positive things and positive people and remain positive, in all aspect. Now if you truly are committed to changing all of your doubt and fears should be gone. It will take being healthy as well changing health habits and taking care of yourself so that you can be mentally strong which is called willpower. But hopefully this helps because it does take far more than willpower to be committed and make changes so good luck