Eight months ago, I was gripped by fear and uncertainty.

I’d lost my job. I was depressed. I wanted only to burrow my head in my pillow and ignore the world.

I worried that I could not support my family. I’d lost confidence in myself. I asked anyone who would listen: What’s wrong with me?

A good day was one where I went outside long enough to walk the dog.

A great day saw me push myself to not get back into bed until the sun set – around 6 p.m.

Today my workdays are full, rewarding and eclectic.

I’ve been interviewed on Global and CHCH, twice on Newstalk 1010 radio as well as invited to participate in five separate podcasts.

I conducted a research project and wrote a paper. I’m writing book reviews for CSP Book Blog and articles for Thrive Global.

My website relaunched. New clients are signed, and others are in the wings. The work itself is purpose-driven, life-changing and incredibly fulfilling. I love my clients.

I’ve connected with, am supported by and support “my” tribe of #HumansFirst associates on LinkedIn and in the Humans First Playground. (humansfirstplayground.com) These are like-hearted individuals who care about the employee experience and subsequent engagement.

My understanding of the role gratitude plays in our lives has grown exponentially. It is no longer simply a practice, it is at the very core of how I view the world.

If you are struggling as I was, please look up Kevin Monroe on LinkedIn and join the Gratitude Challenge. Pick up a copy of Steve Foran’s book From Surviving to Thriving. Consider joining the Humans First Playground. All three helped me on my journey. They just might help you too.