Being a model is definitely not easy. You have to work under tremendous stress and pressure. You have to look good at the same time. In this regard, Karan Oberoi has definitely set the standards high with his hard work and dedication. Being one of the most successful fitness models in the country, Karan believes there is always a constant pressure to build and maintain the physique and remain camera-ready all the year round.

Karan Oberoi started his career in an advertisement agency until he was bitten by the modeling bug. Currently, he is one of the most successful in-demand fitness models in India. In March 2018, he was voted as the top fitness model by Hindustan Times Brunch magazine. He was awarded the title of ‘best physique’ at the Mr. India International modeling contest. He is regularly featured in the news for his brand associations, awards and for sharing his fitness tips for aspiring models. He was featured on the cover of the world’s leading fitness magazine- Men’s Health. Besides that, he was also covered by India’s leading fitness magazine Health & Nutrition.

How he became a top fitness model?

Many people confuse fitness modeling with bodybuilding, but there is more to it than just building a good body. Fitness modeling is a combination of fitness and good looks, and hence it requires constant maintenance and dedication. Karan Oberoi maintains a strict routine to remain in shape. He says, “Remaining fit all year round is a challenge, and I maintain a disciplined lifestyle and refrain from smoking or drinking.”. He follows a balanced diet and believes in working out as well as taking proper rest afterward. He relies on green tea and water to detox his body. Unlike the perception people have about models, Karan is not a party person at all. Rather, he focuses more on his work and fitness than anything else.

His dedication has earned him major accolades

Having established himself as one of the top male models, Karan has also endorsed a leading fitness brand. Well, we are talking about British Nutrition health supplements. He has built a loyal following of fitness enthusiasts on social media.

Apart from fitness modeling, Karan has worked with several international brands such as Royal Enfield, Reebok, Isuzu, and many more.

Beyond fitness modelling

Karan believes in doing more for the good of others. In June 2018, he was appointed as the ‘World Peace Messenger’ by the World Peace and Diplomacy Organization- a part of United Nations Global Compact.

All in all, Karan has been at the forefront of the fitness modeling revolution in India.