For a long time I wasn’t happy, always working on someone else’s projects. Having been in personal finance for some time, I knew what it might take to make it.

Dealing with debt, banking, personal loans and similar on a regular basis, I had worked for a number of the names you may know. From Bankrate and Creditkarma to Good Cheddar, Nerdwallet, Credible and more I had developed the necessary insight, skills and experience to go it alone. The only trouble is, I had every excuse not to, knowing full well that I had to take my shot. I wasn’t happy, and far from it.

When I worked at Wallethub I learned all sorts of valuable insight as this wasn’t established like the others I had worked at, and picked up all kinds of personal finance insights. When I worked at the others, my skills didn’t overlap a lot so I was always learning.

I’ve eventually seen the light, and how my well-being and happiness have everything to do with what is presently going on in my life.

My fear of a lack of work/life balance might lead to burnout and if I were to ever fulfill my own personal finance checklist then then I need to get my house in order if I were going to reach the summit.

This lead me to realize that if I were to ever find happiness, I would need to follow my passion if I were to achieve my goals, and get myself out of this funk or rut that I was in.

I count myself as fortune that I was able to see the financial stress that came as a result.

While being in debt doesn’t help, I was dealing with it. But at the same time there were several other contributors, like my job, relationships and so forth. But if anything it was my personal finances that may have added the most stress.

As I learned how to deal with my anxiety I also learned a value lesson to my well being. As simple as it sounds, it wasn’t until I took control of my personal finances that my mental state and well being improved.

Hindsight is always 20/20.