In a world struck down with a pandemic, we are faced day to day with negativities and stories of desperation and hopelessness.  But as a person who believes in timing and the power of a positive attitude towards life, I unknowingly attracted an unexpected connection!

In the midst of turmoil and chaos brought about by COVID-19, who would have expected that I will encounter individuals who will influence me in a way I could not forget? Who would have expected that in a world of lockdowns, isolations, and quarantines, I will be able to draw inspiration from people without even getting to meet them face to face?

These individuals were heaven-sent! They were extremely successful and knowledgeable, such that the student in me woke up. Just when I thought I have reached that point in my life when I will be hesitant to welcome new endeavors, ventures, and knowledge, it felt like the inner me became fired up to learn new things. I was so hungry for knowledge; I went old school and wrote notes and strategic plans on how to process and implement everything I had learned onto my personal and professional life. I did not trust in my memory – I had to write everything down!

It finally felt like home – being virtually surrounded by people who offered priceless and profound pearls in life, being around people who are definitely doing better than me in the middle of this pandemic. They reminded me that I can still be who I want to be, and that I can achieve what they have achieved as we altogether embark on the same journey. I was around people who are unapologetic on their steps of faith, and immensely grateful for their blessings. They have different stories to tell, and with each story, a lesson learned the hard way. In a nutshell, these were riches-to-rags stories where perseverance prevailed despite multiple disappointments along the way. The decision to get up every single time they fell down was what struck me the most. 

I was hesitant to believe that things could actually happen during isolation. With the lack of true human to human interaction, I definitely was an unbeliever that life can change even with just virtual connections. But lo and behold, ClubHouse happened! Clubhouse is an audio-only application with membership by invitation. 

I first heard of ClubHouse in passing while listening to celebrities briefly mentioning it on TV. I did not think much about it, until February 13th, 2021 upon waking up at 5:30 in the morning, I suddenly felt the impulse to join the application. The thought was so strong that I even messaged random strangers online (strangers who have mentioned ClubHouse in one way or another), asking them to share an invite. I took the bold step in registering the username @DrTomiMitchell and patiently waited. A few minutes after 11am, a notification popped up saying someone had invited me to ClubHouse – someone who was a distant acquaintance, someone I have only talked to for a few times, someone who I actually have not met yet!

With that, I found myself binge listening to content on ClubHouse for the next two weeks. I even had the app on for 20 hours straight! I found it so hard to disconnect because every story was relatable. As a woman who have lived – and survived – what life had thrown at her, I definitely appreciated the fact that these individuals on ClubHouse were freely sharing wisdom they had learned the hard way. Their life experiences and business strategies were molded by experience, and it had helped them get by and eventually success in life. I know I was in ClubHouse for a reason and at the right time. I stumbled into something I considered gold. And I will always be immensely grateful! As a matter of fact, the timing was absolutely amazing – I had just started a brand-new business venture in Mental Health and Wellness. Everything I learned will come in handy, and I look forward to be able to share my own stories as well so others could learn from it. 

ClubHouse was so instrumental in inspiring me. These individuals encouraged me and guided me as I took brave steps of faith towards unchartered territory. I mustered my guts and firmly “planted my feet”, and with it, there has been no turning back. There was extraordinary strength and motivation when you are surrounded with people of the same vision. True enough, growth comes when you are enveloped with the right people, the right knowledge, and at the right time.


  • Dr. Tomi Mitchell

    M.D | Leadership Coach| Wellness & Productivity Coach

    Dr. Tomi Mitchell Holistic Wellness Strategies

    Dr. Tomi Mitchell, MD, empowers executives, lawyers, doctors, business owners, and other leaders to eliminate burnout and increase workplace productivity and relationships.  She uses her three-step framework, Embrace, Evaluate & Energize, to empower her clients to have clarity. 

    As a public speaker and trainer, she brings energy to the crowd, captures their attention, and gives them clear, actionable steps to apply immediately to their life. Dr. Tomi Mitchell believes in getting to the root causes of life's challenges, instead of taking a temporary BandAid approach to life. She is a writer, with a book coming out in Summer 2023. She is also the host of The Mental Health & Wellness Show.  To learn more about her framework, check out the following link: Learn More.