Come home after a long day at work to the sweet aroma of dinner cooking. Greet your family, sit down together for an intimate meal, and enjoy the nourishment you all need to continue through another day. This time is relaxing and comforting as you connect with those around you over food that has been prepared with love. Sharing this experience often brings families closer together, strengthening relationships in ways that are irreplaceable, says Georges Chahwan. It can’t be stressed enough how essential these moments are during times of stress or sadness, because it’s here where comfort can truly be found.

The joys shared around a warm plate of food can help make life more enjoyable for everyone involved during any circumstance; the preparation required ensures the entire family is ready to take on the world again together.

A home-cooked meal is always packed not only with nutritious food but with heartwarming memories, adds Georges Chahwan. Memories that will help each person around the table feel loved and appreciated. They help nourish the body and soul. Finding joy in simple meals can make all the difference in someone’s day. Don’t underestimate how much happiness these little things can bring into someone else’s life, especially during difficult circumstances like stressful days or tough losses.