You might be wondering what I am referring to when I say Conscious Service. Does that mean that we are unconscious as Service Providers ~ disconnected from ourselves and others ~ going through the motions in a zombie-like state? Well, most of us can probably relate to auto-pilot mode from time to time ~ I know that’s true for me.

There are a number of reasons behind that desire to disconnect and self-protect. We’re tired, we’re overwhelmed, we’re hungry, sad, angry, distracted ~ worn out. Those are all valid reasons for going unconscious. It is natural to want to self-conserve. But, the answers that help us emerge from that place do not reside there. That’s where the conscious part comes in.

Conscious Service is an approach that allows you to create your personal blueprint for how you wish to show up in service with other people.

How do you wish to show up and how do you wish to feel in your experience ~ this is a powerful inquiry that can act as a barometer guiding your choices, your actions, and your sense of fulfillment as a Service Provider.

Research by education expert, John M. Dirxx, says that learning cannot really be said to have occurred until it is evident in our actions. I like to think of learning as an internal journey that often begins in the mind as an intellectual process eventually seeping into our hearts to involve emotions, moving on to the spiritual realm transforming beliefs and values, and then finally emerging through our behavior in the world. Not necessarily a linear process, but definitely a holistic one. We don’t really know something until it has taken hold of our soul.

I wrote an article about the essence of Conscious Service in a series I developed with Charity Village. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this powerful energetic force.

Conscious Service is about tapping into our capacity to be fully present and engaged and in so doing, enhance the quality of our service while reaping the inherent benefits of giving.

Reciprocity is where it’s at.

Another instalment in the Conscious Service Series for Helping Professionals and Personal Caregivers.


  • Elizabeth Bishop


    Elizabeth Bishop Consulting/Confederation College

    Elizabeth Bishop is the creator of the Conscious Service Approach designed to support helping professionals to reconnect with and fulfill their desire to make a difference in the lives of those they support. Following the completion of a diploma in Developmental Services and a degree in Psychology and Religious Studies, she completed a Masters in Adult Education through St. Francis Xavier University, providing the opportunity to test and refine the elements of the Conscious Service Approach. Elizabeth develops and facilitates workshops, teaches at the college level, coordinates caregiver programs and she is the author of the Service with Elizabeth Bishop channel on the new Vibe app for mindfulness. Contact Elizabeth and learn more at