Sammy Krieger

Stay hungry, stay foolish Steve Jobs

In this ever-changing and dynamic world, staying relevant is the biggest challenge most of us face. It is apt for the ones who are in the field of modelling and fashion. It is one such industry where the career of a model or an artist depends on people’s choice. Overcoming all the odds and challenges, Sammy Krieger has made a place for herself as a prominent plus-size model in the fashion and modelling industry.

We’ve all heard so much about “passion.” People want to be passionate about their work, so they search for a career or calling they can feel passionate about. However, I’m not a big “passion” person because passion is transitory, temporary, and often shallow. It has too many ups and downs. Passion is great, but it simply won’t get you very far.

You might have heard this quote over and over as it was said by Steve Jobs when he gave the speech at Stanford University. Hungry in this sense doesn’t mean hungry for food, but hungry for knowledge, for success, and for excitement and passion in life.

Every now and then our life starts to go stale . When routines become old news, you start to feel complacent. When comfort zone becomes too comfortable, you feel stagnant. So how do we keep ourselves thirsty and hungry for more out of life?

It starts with passion. We find the thing inside of us that lights us up every single day, and we begin our journey to greatness riding on a wave on excitement and enthusiasm.

But this passion can only take us so far. Eventually, the excitement starts to wane and our motivation weakens. Many of us quit, defeated, but the successful ones forge on, fueled by a seemingly endless supply of mental strength and determination. They have a hunger – an unwavering force that drives them to defy the odds and continue when everything and everyone could not says Sammy Krieger.

If you want to become relevant and make an impact wherever you may find yourself, you have to enjoy what you do, stay hungry and passionate by learning more and finding creative ways to contribute your quota and seek to pursue excellence to make sure you get better and impact lives she quoted.