HighKey Clout Inc. (@highkeyclout on Instagram) is an influencer marketing company that specializes in celebrity giveaway growth campaigns, with the primary objective of growing their ever-expanding list of clients social media followings on Instagram.

HighKey Clout Inc. reached becoming a 7 figure company, just within 6 months of its creation. Jordan Lintz and his younger brother Luke Lintz started their online business careers over three years ago and have built a variety of connections with big influencers and high achieving clients to make this company a fast success.

Jordan and Luke have created three companies under the “HighKey” name. Their first being an e-commerce company, HighKey Technology Inc., and their second company to follow is named HighKey Agency Inc., a full-service social media branding agency.

As influencer marketing was the main source of advertising to begin with in their e-commerce company, the two began developing relationships with large influencers right at the start. The social media agency began a relationship with high success clients. The Lintz brothers leveraged these two assets that were built over the course of three years and began constructing the giveaway model under HighKey Clout to take advantage of these relationships.

To break down the entire process, HighKey Clout runs celebrity influencer giveaway campaigns on Instagram to grow their client’s social media following. It’s a very simple operation and that’s why it works so effectively.

They sign large USA influencers to run a campaign on their Instagram. These campaigns consist of video and/or photo posts where they announce exactly what they will be giving away to their fans. In order to enter the giveaway, the fans must follow everyone @highkeyclout is following. HighKey’s clients sponsor the giveaway to be one of the people followed by @highkeyclout. The instructions to enter the giveaway are simple and effective. This results in large growth for all of HighKey’s clients.

The definition of Clout is influence and power specifically in business and politics. With social media being a dominating marketing force of the new decade, it’s essential to have a constantly growing following on platforms- especially Instagram. High success individuals are willing to trade their hard-earned money for the chance to grow and develop their social media following, as personal branding leads to plentiful opportunities. This trust in social media fortifies the statement, “Clout is the new currency”.

To date, HighKey Clout has given away $10k – $20k in cash and prizes during each campaign. This amount of money is a very large incentive for the celebrity’s fans to participate. This large amount being given away fortifies the reputation of the HighKey Clout brand. All prizes are documented and recorded for proof of a legitimate campaign.

“It’s not all about the money we make,” says Luke, “It’s pretty amazing to see our winners reactions when we announce that they’ve won. Even in a time of need during this recession, we’re still in the fortunate position to be giving away prizes that people can use to pay their mortgage, food payments, electricity bills, and everything else in between.”

As HighKey Clout expands, they continue to work with larger celebrity influencers. The Lintz brothers have signed platinum recording artists, Lil Yachty (@lilyachty) and Danielle Bregoli (@bhadbhabie) on giveaway contracts to fulfill campaigns throughout 2020. Some other notable influencers HighKey Clout has partnered with on Instagram include; @danbilzerean, @hammy_tv, @therealtarzann, @supremepatty, @kristenhanby, @woodyandkleiny, @jackson_odoherty and many more. The two have no intention of slowing down, with plans to collaborate with some of the biggest names in current culture.

In the beginning months of operation, HighKey Clout started with managing campaigns of smaller influencers (1-3M following) and didn’t find as much success for the amount of time put in. This issue was quickly overcome by investing more money behind the quality and level of each campaign, which in turn led to better results.

There are a handful of giveaway campaigns being run across Instagram, including big names like the Kardashians and Jenners! HighKey Clout is able to stand out and differentiate themselves from the competition because it is the first truly branded Instagram giveaway growth company.

“The great thing about the giveaway model is that everyone is pleased! The three groups that are involved in the giveaway campaigns are influencers, fans, and clients. The Influencers are paid very well, the fans want to win all the great prizes, and the clients are very happy to grow and gain social exposure like never possible before,” states Jordan.

Both Jordan and Luke Lintz have a very large vision of conducting the largest giveaway campaigns for in the coming three to five years. Be sure to keep an eye out, because it’s likely your favourite influencer or celebrity will be next!

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