What about those shoes? They need us.

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s only been 6 weeks. I look at you and I see so many possibilities. Your shelves are full of beautiful colors, styles, patterns and yes, heels. Heels of all shapes and sizes. There’s the flat, the ballet slipper, the kitten heel, the pump, the stiletto. I’d gotten used to not wearing some when I stopped going into an office and started my own business. Working from home put some of your children out of commission, but I still peeked and maybe even slipped them on occasionally.

I open your doors and realize that it’s been awhile now. You had expectantly turned into my dream. It had never been done on purpose. You kind of morphed into the beautiful creation that you now are. But when will I feel that wonder again? The gorgeous feeling that surround my feet when I step into any of the wonders that you hold.

They’re calling out to me. I hear it every time I take a peek. And I do sneak a look when I’m feeling that overwhelming cloud at times during these uncertain and sometimes frightening days. It can happen after I mistakenly turn on the news or a headline comes across my screen. That’s when I need you the most.

Remember the special ones?

Remember? Those are the magnificent satin ones that I brought back from my last trip to Switzerland. I wonder when I’m going to be able to take another trip. Will those have been the last pair, the last remembrance of a fabulous vacation abroad?

And those, over there, you know the ones. They’re on the top shelf. They hold so many memories, my son’s wedding and New Year’s Eve last year. They do sparkle so. Remember, I took them off before joining everyone in the pool at the wedding. Will I be able to slip into them for the next New Year’s Eve?

I’ve been saving those beautiful gold ones for a special occasion. They’re beautifully nestle on the shelf next to my Manolo’s. The Manolo’s that I found at the consignment shop. You see them? They’re just the right height, that wonderful 3″ heel, beautiful instep draped in soft, succulent ivory. Special occasion? When is that going to happen?

Change is coming.

Wait a minute, I’m starting to feel energized and I need to see the magic that you hold. So I’ve made a decision, I’m not waiting for something to happen, I’m going to make it happen. Starting right now, each of your children will have their time. An hour here, a morning there. Some will be fabulous to walk to the kitchen to have breakfast, others for that long walk to my office down the hall, and others for putting my feet up and doing nothing.

It’s been 6 weeks and things are starting to change. It may be a slow change, but with your help, the days won’t seem so long.