We all want to speak glowingly about our business. Whether we’re the actual founder or just an employee- we’re proud of what we do!

However, when you’re selling a product or a service the #1 Tool you should look for is a happy customer.

They can sell something for you better than the best marketer in the world!

So many times, especially for entrepreneurs we have an opportunity to offer our services for free in the hopes that we’ll be able to turn them into customers.


But if you are confident in what you’re selling and you have the opportunity to do that I would say that is one of the BEST INVESTMENTS you can ever make.

Here’s a great example: Yesterday I did a feature for Salesforce who launched some really cool features. (check it out HERE)

(WHICH BTW- Are designed for small businesses and are only $25 a month!!! I was floored when I saw that. Don’t take my word for it check it out HERE )

As you can see in this article these features are really cool, easy to use and they can absolutely change your business and make you more money.

But what was super cool was that I had the opportunity to speak with a Salesforce client who is actually using Salesforce Essentials FOR HER SIDE HUSTLE!!!!


She is still working a 48 hour week and is building her photography business on the side and is using Salesforce to take her business everywhere she goes. (HERE is her story)

For me that was a game changer. I actually signed up with Salesforce as soon as I got off the call with her. I figured if this thing is working for her on the side and it’s only $25 a month I’ve got to check it out.

TAKEAWAY: It’s easy to be proud of your business but make sure your customers are proud of your business!!!!

What are your keys to success??

Let me know in the comments or email me at [email protected] so I can share them.

For now, peace and love,




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