Ever since I was tiny I used to do this one thing and my mum was the first person to notice.

I could be upset beyond all recognition but as soon as my mum asked if I were ok, I’d still be crying but smile and say “yes I’m ok”.

For a long time I thought it was due to being a recovering people pleaser and “pretending” to be ok but I’ve come to realise something (which I believe might help you) after doing deep inner work myself and seeing this quote.

“She’s gonna forever say ‘I got this’ even with tears in her eyes.”

Our inner strength knows what we’re capable of, even when we’re crying. We know deep down “we’ve got this!”, even if it looks like we don’t on the surface.

Throughout my life I’ve been told I’m “too sensitive” mainly due to the fact I cry a lot. A LOT.

In arguments РI cry 
A soppy advert – I cry
Kind messages – I cry
Thoughtful gestures – I cry

I’ve been told to “toughen up” and “stop being so soft”, more times than I can count and I’m guessing you have too.

I’ve been told “stop doing it for attention”.

I’ve also been mocked and judged for crying and not spitting my words out.

“Stop crying and use your words”

Or peoples reactions to me crying has aggravated them on many occasions in varying degrees of frustration.

“There’s no need to cry!”


They storm away taking it personally.

So I did, for a long time I stopped crying and took it all within and it turned out nasty (FYI suppressing our true emotions never ends well!) but I’ll leave that for another time.

What came up for me when I saw this quote as I enjoyed a cup of coffee a moment ago was THIS:

Fellow teary eyed goddess, your tears are not a weakness. They are proof of the strength and immense love within you which literally over flows.

Read that again. Right!?

They are proof that you feel.
They are proof that often you internalise instead of reacting in anger or fear – you choose love.
They really are energy in motion.

Instead of retaliating or speaking venomous words (which you know all too well, words have the the ability to sting deep into our hearts as much as mend) you pause, possibly shake and cry.

This isn’t necessarily you being a walk over. This is YOU (whether you know it or not) choosing to release the tension, anger, upset through your tears NOT your words.

You are not a victim.
You are not too sensitive.
You are not a push over.

You are strong.
You are considerate (even if you yourself are hurting you choose to release via crying)
You are truly in touch with your feelings and my lovely not many people are.

Most are afraid to show their emotions. Yet there you are showing your truth.

As we all know, the eyes don’t lie and those “taps” shouldn’t be shut off.

How else will those we love and care for feel ok to share their own emotions if we forever mask our own natural water works.

Embrace the true you, you’re magnificent as you are.

Oh and if you’re wondering what the photo is about?

My mum had just arrived home from work and I was sat on her lap as she asked me what was wrong. School wasn’t so great for me and when I used to cry (my copious tears) I’m so thankful she wiped my tears away, let me cry, let me feel and then reminded me of my own inner power.

Please don’t pretend to run a bath just so you can cry in private.

Please don’t wait until you get into your car to cry.

Please don’t roll over from the person you share your heart with and pretend you’re sleeping when really a hug (as you cry) is all you need.

By the way- the next level is finding your voice as well the tears!

Release that energy and embrace the woman within.

I could go on for longer but I’ll leave it there. I’d love to know your thoughts about crying.

Do you feel it’s a weakness?

Much love
Stacey x