The chaos of Christmas is over, there are only Bountys left in the chocolate tin, and we would all be going stir-crazy if we hadn’t gotten so used to lockdown this year! Yes, it’s that unique time of year, ‘Twixmas’.

A portmanteau word named for the time ‘betwixt’ (between, for those of you who aren’t from the 12th century) Christmas and the New Year; Twixmas typically refers to the time between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. 

This is traditionally the time when it’s ok to stay at home, finish the leftovers, and stay in your PJ’s for four days running – however is it time well spent?

2020 has taught us the value of our personal freedoms, the joys of being outside, and the pleasures of having something to get ready for. We’ve spoken with five experts who have given us their advice on how to get the most out of Twixmas before the bells ring us in to 2021. 

  1. “This is the perfect time to enjoy some reflection. Look back on the year you have had; what has gone well, what hasn’t? You can then use these reflections to set your intentions for the year ahead of you; what do you want to achieve in the next 12 months? How will you do it? Twixmas is a fantastic time to set your intentions with no distractions – the perfect way to end this year and prepare yourself for 2021.” – Tara Best, Founder of Tara Punter Coaching & Tara Punter PR 
  1. “I am a big fan of decluttering. Tidy house, tidy mind as they say, and for some people it really is true. Start packing away the things you know you won’t use in preparation for getting rid in the new year – and this isn’t limited to ‘stuff’. Use the time to consider what hasn’t worked for you in 2020; this could be negative thoughts or fears, plans, ideas, and even people who perhaps make you feel more glum than fun. Twixmas is a brilliant time to de-clutter your mind as well as your cupboards.” – Kayleigh Johnstone, Founder of COZ PR  
  1. “Energy often takes a hit in winter, especially during a holiday period and particularly if you’re an introvert. Your energy is your own personal currency so you need to invest it wisely. Get clear on what raises your energetic vibrations, and what drains them. Are there any what I call ‘energy vampires’ in your life; people who perhaps focus on negatives and bring those around them down? Do you have people who lift you up, making you feel epic and unstoppable? Which of these would you rather spend your time with?! Choose carefully where you put your energy, and prepare yourself when you know an unavoidable negative investment is forthcoming – I bet a few people experience this at Christmas with family duties and many expectations! Twixmas is a perfect time to do the inner alignment work; to get truly honest with yourself and identify the people who have positive and negative effects on your energy. That way, come 2021, you will be able to manage where and when your energy goes. You can get clear on when you’ll have unavoidable energy drains but also pre-plan time and experiences to restore that energy balance with feel good activities and people. Managing, monitoring and aligning your energy is a game-changer! .” – Rhiannon Bates, Founder & PR Director of Garnet PR, 
  1. “Twixmas is the perfect time to refocus on who your influences are, and how they align with the goals you are setting yourself for the year ahead. I’m referring not just to the people you hang out with, but to the social media accounts that you follow. Be sure to look at a variety of influences surrounding you. A little tip – do not start with Facebook. Follow Instagram accounts of genuine, inspirational people who are succeeding at the things you want to achieve. Ask yourself: what do you want, who do you want to be? For instance, if you want to improve your physical fitness in 2021, you could follow accounts like gyms, physiotherapy clinics, personal trainers and athletes, surrounding yourself with positive inspiration. You will find yourself influenced and inspired regularly, helping your resolve when it comes to keeping your resolutions.” – Liz Clare, Managing Director of Cell Regeneration,
  1.  “Use this time to change your habits so you can burst into 2021 already happier and more positive! This is a great tip as you can do it in your pyjamas, so perfect for Twixmas. When you wake up each morning tell yourself it’s going to be an amazing day! It’s easy to grab your phone first thing in a morning and consume the news and social media before you’ve even decided the type of day you want to have. STOP THE SCROLL! Tell yourself today will be amazing and make a conscious effort to keep reminding yourself whilst you’re getting ready. A positive mindset as soon as you wake up will set you up for a fabulous day. Make this a daily habit and you will set yourself up to have a brilliant 2021!” – Amy Crumpton, Founder and Chief Coach of Social Cactus Coaching, Social Cactus (