We live in a society obscured by racism, evil, and lack of love.

Today, my 24 year’s old daughter has been very restless, anxious, and trembling. Just leaving a panel where people of color expressed their frustrations and TERRORS at the precarious situation in which we all currently live. Everyone in the world has seen or heard the terrible news of a human being, George Floyd, that was abused and killed by a police officer who abused their power and privilege. This breeds anger and pain, to see such an aberrant scene. There are thousands of other cases like this to a greater and lesser degree than those that we have heard this week. We live in a society obscured by racism, evil, and lack of love.

There are human beings terrified for their lives, for their mental health, for their future. It’s awful to hear someone say that they don’t feel free to walk out of their house for fear of being wrongfully assaulted due, simply, to the color of their skin. Or for a person to say that they no longer feel comfortable posting photos on social networks where they can be seen doing normal things that everyone does but, just because it can be misinterpreted, again, due to their skin. How is it possible that a person, born like any of us, can feel more than or less than another human being? Didn’t the same God create us all? Weren’t we all created in His image and likeness?

We cannot sit back and look at what humanity has come to and stand idly by. Tolerating racism is racism. Please take a minute today and evaluate your thoughts, feelings, and actions and identify what you are doing about this humanitarian crisis. Let’s start one by one. You, me, and our families. What is happening in our communities is largely a consequence of what is happening or not happening within the four walls of your home. What you teach or don’t teach your children. What you do or don’t do in front of your family.

The solution is not to ignore, forget, or tolerate those actions that diminish or mistreat another human being. The solution is to understand, accept, and live as our Creator’s intention has been from the beginning. We are all equal, we are all his children, we are all created in his image and he loves us all equally. His teaching is, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If you believe you are a good human being and you do not actively oppose racism, I have to tell you that you have yet to much to learn. 

The good news is that you are still on time. You are in time to save yourself, save your family, and contribute your part to society. Dare to be an example. Dare to love.

Your life, your family, your community and your country will be better.