I don’t think the cheese stands alone when I say that 2020 has been one hell of an episode of The Twilight Zone and just when we think it can’t get more strange, boom! Something more ridiculous occurs. I stopped saying, “I’ve seen it all” about two months ago.

With that being said, we (professionals, moms, wives, etc) need to find a way to keep form losing our minds. Our past creative and social outlets have changed substantially. I’m sorry but Zoom calls all week just isn’t the same. I’m not even a social / extrovert type and I’ve got a bad case of cabin fever. Furthermore, I feel like I am just treading water in a big vast ocean at night. I’ve lost my purpose for a number of reasons even before COVID19 and the political unrest the US has experienced over the past few months.

I’m a tenacious son of gun though. I have days when I don’t want to get out of bed…I mean what’s the point? That’s not my personality…or at least it wasn’t until the last several months. That’s called depression.

The way I find my creativity and grab back onto my purpose involves cocktail of an approach– one that involves possibly going to visit a doc and getting on meds if it that’s what the situation calls for, getting outside of my house and my own head, picking up my Bible and praying even if all I can say is “Thank you God for the breath I breath in and breath out each day”. I start to foster a sense of gratitude even if I can only do baby steps. I then step away (like outside of my house) and stop doing what I have been doing whether that is sleeping all day or working on projects or my company and not making any ground. When I start to experiencing diminishing returns with whatever I am doing, it’s time to stop.

Some of the things I do that helps me change perspective outside of seeking professional help which is completely top of the list include this short (and somewhat silly sounding) list of activities. Remember there is no shame in seeking professional help. If someone shames you for it, they need to be part of what changes in your situation.

  1. Get Outside. Even if I just walk around my little neighborhood, I feel 100 %. Sometimes I do it several times a day because it’s darn hot here in San Antonio, Texas.
  2. Pinterest. This is one of the silly decompressing activities. I love picking out outfits. I used to tell my business partner, Melissa Pucino, after dealing with real life tragedy at the Green Beret Foundation, that I was going home to Pinterest for no less than two hours to decompress. It doesn’t need to be Pinterest. The point is to cause your mind to switch gears and start tracking something that gives you peace and joy.
  3. Meditate | Pray. If you don’t have time to meditate or pray at least once a day, that’s part of the problem. Believe me when I say, I have been there. I had so much anxiety and was so bogged down, I couldn’t sit still for 60 seconds just to be in my head. I’m grateful I have gotten away from that lifestyle and I hope that I never find myself there again. Dr. Caroline Leaf does an outstanding job explaining in a very simplistic way (so good for me) how to meditate & pray to not only to start back on a positive path but to also to start literally healing your brain by doing this exercise daily.
  4. Meet a Trusted Ally. One thing that is a sure way to get me energized again is to meet with one of my very few trusted allies. We talk about everything from fitness, kids to fashion. Creativity renewed!!!
  5. Look Up Someone that Inspires You. I love reading about, watching and listening to ladies that have some pretty hard situations to face yet tenaciously, relentlessly and resiliently busted through to make to the next level. Furthermore, I love that they pass that raw tribal knowledge on to other ladies in hopes of helping others to avoid or at least lesson negativity in others’ lives. I don’t care how old or young these ladies (and many men). I have no pride when it comes to learning from others.
  6. Turn Your Favorite Tunes On. I love a wide range of music that goes back to my parent’s era all the way down to my kids’ generation. Turn it on and turn it up!

This could be longer but I’ll leave you with those six. Keep your head up and keep on keepin’ on!


  • Jen Paquette

    Executive | Philanthropist | Board Member | Educator | Coach | Business Owner

    The JPaq Group | Founder of Steel Mags | Founder of Girl Grit Inc.

    Jen Paquette currently owns and operates The JPaq Group where she and her business partner, Melissa Pucino, and their small yet very capable team consult for numerous not for profits and small businesses, coach executives and transitioning military service members, & handle back of the house activities reducing expenses for these companies and plan and execute events. She has found a niche by establishing JPG as a boutique shop that focuses on relationships and common values, missions and purposes. This approach creates a force-multiplication effect and long-lasting relationships. She & the team ensure the organizations they work with have a foundation of operation excellence improving quality of life for those JPG serves.  Jen and the team spend a good portion of their time at JPG teaching classes on nonprofits, PR, marketing, supply chain management & change management. Jen is known for her philanthropic efforts and for being a bulldog for those she serves. She founded the Steel Mags Sorority in late 2009 and was part of the founding team that established the Green Beret Foundation More recently she has founded Girl Grit Inc. She has served on numerous boards and currently serves on the board of Dancing Angels Foundation, Military Veterans in Journalism and is a founding board member for the proposed charter school, Prelude Preparatory School in San Antonio, TX.  She serves as an advisor, business consultant and mentor for Special Operations Transition Foundation and MVAT Foundation.  Jen has planned and executed hundreds of events raising millions for charities and has won numerous awards recognizing her patriotism and philanthropic work over the years. She is a member of several clubs: Business Executives for National Security, Junior League of San Antonio, Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce, San Antonio Rotary, and the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Jen has been featured in several publications such as Forbes and San Antonio Magazine. Jen graduated from Arizona State University (fork em'!!) with a BS in Business Administration majoring in Supply Chain Management. She received her Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in not for profits and public policy from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas and an Executive MBA from Rice University (Hoot! Hoot!) in Houston, Texas.