Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

My first question to that statement is… ‘Have you?’

I think one of the issues that we run into sometimes is that we over estimate our effort and can’t wait to tell others what we’ve done and how things haven’t worked out and why this always happens to me, etc. etc. etc.

Sound familiar? The question we need to ask ourselves is very simple. Whatever the outcome we seek… “How Far Are We Willing To Go To Get The Result We Seek?”

If you’re willing to go all in then there’s really nothing left to talk about on the way there, other than problem solving your way to the result you seek. For example, you won’t be calling your Mom to complain how things didn’t work out..AGAIN! You’ll be talking to people to help you analyze, assess and how to take more effective action in order to get to the outcome you seek.

When you’ve committed to going all in you’ll come to realize that the dramatizations you continously re-enact on a day to day basis about how you did this, tried this, failed and woe-is-me-this-always-happens-to-me-I-never-get-what-I-want…and cry your life away-type stories…THERE’S NO ROOM FOR THEM. There’s no room for them for the simple fact that you’ve committed to achieving the outcome you seek so complaining isn’t an option because it’s not part of a solution or action that is going to take you closer to where you want to get.

Check yourself! Check yourself on a daily basis. What stories do you love to tell and seem to tell frequently? Do you talk about your career and your job and how much you hate it? Do you talk about your relationships and how you can’t seem to find the right ‘one’? Do you talk about your health and all the things you should do or wish you had?

The one thing that they all have in common is that the people saying these things have ONLY committed to these dramas they continue to live out in their life on a daily basis. They haven’t committed to outcomes that they want because they’re stuck in the routine of complaining about what they’re getting. In order to move out of that you must commit, absolutely and fully, to the outcome you want.

Want a better career/job? What are you willing to do today and every single moment from this moment forward in order to get the result you seek.

Want a better relationship with a partner? What are you willing to do today every chance you get to make that a reality?

Want a better body or to be in better shape? What are you willing to take action on RIGHT NOW to get there and how frequently are you going to follow through. How committed are you to your outcome?

You see, the results that you get are 100% based on the actions you take. If you think for one second you’ve exhausted all resources and possible actions. Great, but you can’t afford stop and pat yourself on the back for too long. Keep Going! If you don’t know what you want then you’ll get more of what you have, which might not be anywhere near what you actually want. If you want something different, more, better then you have to do something different, go for more and be better.

As always, Strive To Optimize!