Jacari Moore, recently interviewing by Medium Staff member Jack Dylan Cohen, relinked with me to discuss some of his mindfulness and meditation tips during his practice.

Jacari Moore, @jacari via IG

Jacari’s method is quite simple. He likes to isolate himself in a darkly dim-lit room with a single candle. Turning off all distractions, including his monetization-stream of income of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, Jacari likes to meditate in peaceful isolation. Enjoy his three tips toward a peaceful practice below!

  1. Clear your mind. “I like to take long, deep breaths and reconsider the choices & actions I’ve made recently by clearing my mind.”
  2. Reset your balance. When meditating with Jacari, I noticed his tendency to maintain a single pose of Yoga while relaxing his inner spirits, fears, and reality.
  3. Calm your chakra. Without a central focus, meditation will appear seemingly impossible. Jacari claims that he is able to calm his chakra by embracing what is and is not in his life & surroundings by nature.

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Written by Jack Dylan Cohen for Thrive Global

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