Jade Lavoie

People naturally desire to live a happy life: making their own decisions, free in making choices, and confident in anything they would do in their life. For years, women are undeniably prohibited from doing such things. Gender roles, stereotypes, and social norms limit the path women choose. The rampant movement for women’s empowerment paved the way for equality to be given importance. With this life-changing event, Jade Lavoie, a feminist entrepreneur, made her way to the top.  

Jade Lavoie is a Canadian model and clothing, business owner. Jade never fails to voice her opinions and stand firm on her ideals. She takes part in empowering women and making them realize their value. Acceptance is the ability to unconditionally value all parts of who you are. That means you acknowledge all of yourself–the good and the things that need improvement. For most of us, self-acceptance can be hard. We tend to be critical of ourselves, but there are a number of ways to learn to accept yourself and your life. It all begins with your state of mind.

Jade is not afraid to loudly and clearly express what she thinks. She puts value in building women’s confidence in their body and by doing so, she inspires those who were once judged and ridiculed not to listen to other people’s judgment.

Loving his perfectly imperfect self led people to love her more. As she empowers women, her large fanbase, both men and women, also continues to empower her. Her fans brought her to her business creations. With support from people who believe in her and her determination to prove that being a woman is not a hindrance to success, Jade Lavoie now takes pride in her very own successful clothing business.

Currently working from home and doing homeschool to her son, Jade Lavoie exemplifies every role she partakes in life. A loving mother, brave feminist advocate, a successful entrepreneur, and a self-made woman, she inspires other women who desire to create their path and be successful in their endeavors.

Going against the tides and fighting the norms are inevitably hard things to do. While the present generations are now more open to women’s empowerment, many people are still living in the past. Jade Lavoie’s entrepreneurial success reminds women not to let others keep them in the past. This is the time to move forward, and the first step of moving forward is looking inward and accepting oneself.