A young girl states, ‘I’m much more than the bad things that happen to me,’ following an indefinitely, independently deeper response, ‘it’s ok,’ also the effectively entitled, mirrored track off of her powerful debut single. 

‘You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore,’ she effortlessly, yet comfortably continues, ‘before you decide to be happy.’ 

Think about that for just a second. In fact, take a minute. Clarity depicts celebrated view.

The petite, explorative aura of a smile ricochets post presentable, brief introduction. Visited spotlight encourages an uncertain motivation, compelling to the confident tune of a pin drop’s echoed silence.

Before brightly showering, electric gold confetti falls on a staged surface., her beautifully angelic, crisply toned, tanned skin radiates the widened, surrounding picture of a thirty something millennial, the epitome of a necessarily defined fighter. Barely there, soft palette pastel summer makeup freshens Jane’s ease of innocence whilst nervously standing, slightly grasping the pitch black, midnight colored mic, rocking an edgy baggy, beige, off white knee ripped jeans look, paired with a tiny matching, unnamed brand, v-neck black t-shirt and chicly worn, chunky ankle boots. With a skinny profile, nicknamed ‘Nightbirde,’ the native ohio’an bares a short buzzed, mixed brunette, blonde pixie cut, anxiously shy at the get go. 

Her story is uniquely different, however. Why? Because of a two percent survival chance. ‘The Big C’ unfairly chips away at an already, seamlessly slim fit frame. Primary advantage revolves around rare opportunity’s relative bravery. Motivational quotes’ existence readies in the unexpected, observant, rewarding moment.

Bewildered is a simplistically Midwestern imagination captivated. Hope reigns as if lightning struck twice. Luck’s voice prevails. A challenge, an obstacle push dreams where rightfully deserved and aimed. Aspiration’s outlet convinces, cradling an adventurer’s journey.

Music lives within Jane’s bones, a self expressive artistry’s comfort.