Re-Defining Personal Responsibility

With compassionate inquiry & self-care

“Man {Woman} is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world,
he is responsible for everything he does.  It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.” 

Jean-Paul Sartre

January 2021 Numerology 

6-Universal Month 5-Universal Year

1 (January) + 5 (2021) = 6

Mark Your Calendar for the Numerology Power-Code Days

January 5th: Your emotions are the gateway to your psychic insights

January 14th:  Be mindful of the people who cross your path (opportunities &/or drama)

January 23rd: Slow down. Listen before you speak. 2 ears; 1 mouth


  • Experiencing and expressing compassion
  • Becoming willing to heal (the body talks; alerting you to healing on all levels)
  • Speaking forgiveness (others + self)
  • Emotional presence
  • Heightened intuition
  • Understanding personal responsibility  

Numerology 101 Tip: In the building blocks of numerology (numbers 1 – 9), the 2 and the 6 are the most feminine and intuitive of all the number frequencies. Pay attention this month to your insights, intuition, and synchronicities, especially through your feelings.

Prioritize your emotional intelligence. Aka, allow your feelings to inform you.  

The January 6 & 5 Combo 

When you cease fighting, pay attention to your scope of responsibility and intentions, manifestation and unexpected opportunities arise as if by magic!

On the downside, this dynamic numerology duo can facilitate drama, chaos, disfunction, miscommunications, and utter frustration.

The key: If it doesn’t involve you or someone doesn’t ask for your insight- Stay out of it! Clean your side of the street! 

Determine your personal responsibility and set clear boundaries for yourSelf and others. Setting clear boundaries in this energy combination is not for the faint of heart, but it will have lasting and freeing results if embraced with personal integrity. 


Identifying beliefs and responsibility around personal safety/security 

Physically | Mentally | Emotionally | Spiritually

Interdependence / Dethatching with love – who/what am I truly responsible for? 

Self-Care (self-love & compassion in action and communication)

Choose peace over drama or mischief-making {5 energy}. Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right? 

Potential Blind Spots

Meddling, neediness, compulsion to “fix, save, rescue or change” people and situations

Enabling unhealthy behaviors in others out of personal discomfort in the actions of others

AKA, control freak or micromanaging 

Co-dependence / Taking on the responsibility that isn’t yours to take on


Entrapment, feeling smothered or emotionally overwhelmed/disorganized {5 energy} 

Positive Side Effects

Heightened Intuition / Synchronicities and being at the right place, at the right time – “Luck” {earned through inner emotional stability and personal responsibility}

Healing {personal, physical + karmic} 

Detoxification of unhealthy attachments and/or letting go of identifying personal security with taking care of others

Experiencing new personal freedom and understanding of personal needs based on lessons/insights from 2020 

*January is a highly “personal” month energetically. The numerology of the 6 is intimate. If you listen honestly and wholeheartedly to yourSelf and your needs, you’ll find healing and discernment. Big stuff for transitioning intentionally into 2021!

Into Action

Check your motives. Act from the heart without conditions or ulterior motives.

Invite in feminine energy (buy youSelf flowers, do a spa day, treat yourself to something soothing)

Commit to paying attention to your emotions and becoming willing to process them (the highs and lows alike)

Avoid offering advice unless consulted. Restraint of pen + tongue. 

Take responsibility for your attitude and actions. Let go of attachments creating false security.


When do I act compassionately? Do I act compassionately with myself?

What does self-care look like for me today? Am I willing to prioritize it this month? This year?

What does personal responsibility mean to me? Am I overburdened by responsibilities that are not mine to carry? Am I willing to communicate new boundaries aligned with my responsibilities today? 

Can I practice feeling and expressing my emotions to myself as they arise (positive and frustrating emotions) rather than pushing them aside, detaching or over-analyze them?

What does emotional freedom feel like? Do I believe I am worthy or capable of creating it? 

Tip #1:  When emotionally triggered or overly sensitive – Take notice. Intensify the emotion without judgment, shame or a need to analyze. Breathe and allow the emotion to process.

How do I experience intuition or extrasensory abilities? Am I confident in communicating psychic insights to a trusted mentor or friend? 

Tip #2: Prioritize paying attention to synchronicities this month. Keep a small journal close by. Wright down connections, key insights, patterns, whatever catches your attention. See what correlations you make. These insights are likely to be big clues into your year ahead…