Shielding under his wonderful vision was a tech company which came to existence in Miami when Jared Dasilva saw an opportunity. NXTLVL Tech Company’s vision statement enlightens over Creating the Future. Never letting the spirits down, Dasilva has always enjoyed exploration along with the aim he was working for. Helping other businesses with their daily usage of digital technology was the ultimate destination of the tech giant firm. Knowing the hardships and the risks associated (being put out of business by other newly introduced firms), the company was given all that it deserved and the company flourished to new heights too.

Working around the fact of the business world of tech companies, NXTLVL worked for guiding various businesses for building their own mobile platform. The one to one relationship is not taken as a project for profits only. This company focuses on every firm’s brand and makes sure to have the app matched with the working business model of the very company they have taken to build an app for. 

Given the fast pace of this technology circumscribed world, this company keeps up with the dynamism yet successfully launches projects like spotless. This one worked for the consumers to be able to book slots in advance to have their houses cleaned. Not just that, the app that they built allowed the customers to earn and redeem points very conveniently. 

It wasn’t an overnight success for the firm to land in the top tech firms. Three years on consistent hard work and dedication with complete honesty from each one of the team members led NXTLVL to where it is today. As per the founder, it is more important what you do when nobody’s watching that when someone is. It is because this mindset helps the growth and development of the brain as an individual and the power of staying positive towards all that is done.

As a piece of genuine advice in order to help other tech companies, Jared offers to begin with Udemy courses for having a strong foundation. Apart from this, he suggests building a long term strategy of working in some project which has at least a five-year plan in mind. If not strategized as per the need of the changing dynamics, it wouldn’t take a long time for some other business to get ahead and have you kicked out of your domain. 

This Florida born gentleman had always wanted his company to be like Amazon, Apply or any other Silicon Valley company. This dream would have been accomplished by being placed among those ‘Big Stars’. Thus, Dasilva decided to move to Silicon Valley and make history himself. Now that his company has achieved so much, he advises others to just stay persistent and have long term goals which make them foresee their potential in the near future. Having a defined goal of an anticipated development of over 60 apps, NXTLVL has also put its bets on some ‘Things of the Future’ as they are known to create one. This year is dedicated by them to work on Augmented Reality as well as Virtual Reality and a vision of being one of the top tech companies in the world.