Jason Halpern

While many entrepreneurs search for the most lucrative opportunities available, the entrepreneurs that build a lasting legacy drive their values into the world through their business. This is precisely why Jason Halpern is the independent real estate development entrepreneur who has made a name for himself by modernizing old buildings, all while preserving their statuses as historic landmarks.

As the principal of the independent real estate development firm JMH Developments, Jason Halpern’s vision for tastefully refining buildings in historic districts while preserving their landmark statuses speaks for itself. Halpern gets excited about the idea of taking old buildings and refurbishing them for the modern era, with luxurious amenities and innovative technology, as well as about improving their financials. However, Halpern and JMH Development distinguish themselves by not only modernizing and improving these old buildings, but mainly by doing so in a way that preserves their historic integrity. His affection for the past and for buildings with authentic character is partially why Halpern believes that his mission as a developer is to walk the line between modernization and preservation. Halpern considers himself more of a “Preservationist” than a “Developer.”

Halpern and JMH Developments are as versatile as they are talented. JMH Developments have experience renovating all types of buildings, from warehouses to luxury hotels on the beach. However, Halpern has a special place in his heart for townhouses. Halpern and his team, along with Gerard Longo of Mettle Properties, were responsible for the renovation and modernizing of The Townhouses of Cobble Hill. Located in one of Brooklyn’s most historic districts, The Townhouses of Cobble Hill is a collection of nine luxury townhouses originally constructed in the mid-1800s. Not only did Halpern and JMH Developments restore and renovate four of these historic townhomes, but they also constructed five new townhomes in the same historic style. Halpern was keen on keeping the new townhomes in the same style of the neighborhood precisely because of his respect for its history. However, Halpern tapped the famous Morris Adjmi Architects to ensure a high-quality renovation as well as luxurious finishes. 

The market speaks for Halpern’s and JMH Developments’ success. In the summer of 2015, within a year of completing construction, each home was purchased due to its historic authenticity, state-of-the-art amenities, and sound economics.

Since the early 2000’s Halpern has been committed to taking on projects that he is inspired by, regardless of their perceived risk and complexity. Halpern has learned a lot from his past experiences, which is why he has been able to expertly curate a niche for himself. Due to his unusually exceptional ability, as an independent real-estate developer, to build and close multiple properties at a price point of 100 million dollars or more, Halpern and JMH Developments are recognized as the premier choice to develop and refine buildings in historic districts.