Jason Lobdell: Fitness to Entrepreneur Inspiration

Jason Lobdell, also known as Mr2weeksout, is a well-established fitness expert based in Atlanta, who is arguably the most sought-after trainer in the state. He is the owner of The Loft Athletic Club and a part founder of the $4k Pathway to Success. After his early successes, Jason has made it his mission to support, educate, and fund multiple businesses to breed new entrepreneurs.

Humble Beginnings

Prior to becoming a big shot, Jason started his career as a party promoter, who connected prominent athletes and celebrities together. In 2015, he joined Instagram and instantly grew his following to over 50k, consequently, garnering attention for himself. He took it upon himself to create a business model that would allow him to expand his reach by accommodating famous social media influencers. After a year, he opened his gym and earned a million dollars, which allowed him to jumpstart his business and journey into the fitness industry. 

The Loft Athletic Club 

The Loft Athletic Club was borne into existence when Jason and his former competitor, Gee Bryant, decided to partner together and combine their following to increase their sales. They initially offered online programs for their clients. In the first month, they earned eight grand and the next four months saw a growth of 54% each month. 

Both Jason and Gee play integral roles in their business. Jason focuses on tending to the immediate needs of the gym on-site, whereas his partner concerns himself with management. Through the years, Jason has trained influential individuals, such as Rick Ross. He shares that no matter how much of a boss your trainees are, as a trainer, you are their boss for the full hour you have with them in the gym. In the long run, Jason envisions allowing venture capitalists to acquire the Loft Athletic Club to maximize its business potential. 

$4k Pathway to Success

After accomplishing great feats in fitness, Jason wants to move onto a more expansive venture as an entrepreneur. As mentioned, he has dedicated himself to teach others to become entrepreneurs as well. With that, he, along with his team, created the $4k Pathway to Success. This online university offers courses on how to intelligently invest money on Airbnb and Turo. Specifically, two courses offering are available upon registration: the 23 module Airbnb masterclass and the 23 module Turo masterclass, which are both valued at $1,497 each.

  The $4k Pathway to Success provides step-by-step guidance to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn to achieve their desired results by letting them follow the path of those who have successfully done it before them.

You can click here to sign up for the $4k Pathway to Success. Additionally, if you want to know more about Jason Lobdell A.K.A. Mr2weeksout, you can visit his Instagram and Facebook accounts.