Meet Co-Founder of Infinite Age co, EMT certified, Jazmyne Robbins, from Lakewood Washington. Jazmyne’s mission with Infinite Age, a leading health and wellness company, is to educate and serve the black community with their health and well-being. Jazmyne strives to provide precise, simplistic, actionable knowledge and solutions within the very community she grew up in through her top-tier supplements, and fast-growing social media channels to educate, promote and support natural holistic longevity.  

Growing up in a low-income family, Jazmyne struggled with poor health herself. This comes as no surprise given how much she cares about serving her customers – those who’ve struggled before tend to want to help those with the same problems they had. You see, Jazmyne was overweight as a child, and plagued with health problems such as chronic inflammation, digestive issues, joint pain, excess mucus, a weakened immune system, low energy, as well as a mineral deficiency. Many of her customers struggle with at least one of these, and it’s these same customers who are mostly members of the black community, desperate to fix the same nagging issues Jazmyne once had. 

Now, Jazmyne’s health issues stemmed from poor dietary choices, such as overindulgence in flavorsome soul foods and processed foods which, naturally, led to a large calorie surplus and unwanted weight gain. However, this all changed when she decided enough was enough, and it was time for a change. It didn’t take long for Jazmyne to bury her head in the intimidating world of health and wellness – nutrition, most specifically. This helped her torch 23 lbs in just two short months, which she’s completely transparent about with her audience – so much so, her journey was documented inside her 14,000 members (inches from 15k), value-packed Facebook group. 

Now, given all she’s been through and learned throughout her career, she’s shared some helpful health tips with us that you can apply in your own life and reap the benefits from. Read on for more information below:

Sea Moss Is Life-changing

No, this isn’t “just seaweed”. In fact, sea moss has been deemed a superfood because it contains 92 out of 102 key minerals we as humans need to function properly (iodine, selenium, and potassium, for example). It’s been used for generations amongst populations in Scotland, Ireland, and the Caribbean to aid in recovery from illness and disease. You see, it decreases inflammation and strengthens the immune system in humans, so regular consumption can help us fight off ailments easier. 

Watch Out For Inflammation

Poor lifestyle choices are often what bring on inflammation. Eating a poor diet, not sleeping enough, exercising little (or not at all) and remaining stressed for long periods of time are prime examples. Long-term, these can contribute to long-term inflammation, which is linked to chronic illnesses such as heart disease (the biggest killer of Americans today), obesity and diabetes. 

Warning: Medicine Is NOT Health

After you’ve explained your problem, doctors will often prescribe you some pills and send you packing. While most people will take this for gospel, they don’t take into account that people are still dying – even while taking the same types of medications they are. This is because, most of the time, these medications only treat the symptoms of your problem, instead of curing it, failing to find and cure the ROOT CAUSE of your pain. Doing this is the way forward when it comes to curing illnesses, instead of just making a patient’s symptoms while the illness remains dormant. 

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