Jealousy, It has many words and it’s very powerful, yes I am talking about jealousy which is unfortunately very common among people main reason is to compete and to excel in life and we can’t see other achieve what’s best and what we crave for us.

It can be insecurity, envy and you can call it with many other names but the feeling is same in all of these, it is a destructive feeling which destroys all the healthy relationships and is rapidly spreading.

We all want what’s best for us and we work hard to achieve it we become positive about certain things but it doesn’t get achieved due to this feeling of jealousy it is so powerful that it destroys in a way we just stop doing our best and leave the work in the middle. Someone somewhere is so jealous of us that it harms us negatively.


It is a disease its an illness it’s the sickness of peoples mind that a reasonable person suffers badly due to it. people are sometimes unaware of this feeling that is present inside them but they ignore its symptoms and think it’s part of their nature but in actual you are destroying yourself and others too.

“jealousy is a disease. Get well soon”


What could be the main reason behind this feeling of envy? People have it in their nature that they don’t see others succeeding in their life or careers and they just can’t digest the fact someone is better than them and they are weak party and will be left behind although if they want they can match that person but due to laziness or many other factors they just feel jealous.


When we see someone superior to us we should take guidance from them and appreciate their efforts rather than hating them for what they have in life. Competition must be healthy one must thrive to achieve best for himself but it could be possible only if we see them our equal, one thing must be kept in mind if he can do it I can also do it.

Everything is possible if we try one craves superiority and this is normal but to toil and work hard for it is necessary.

“they want to see you do good but not better than they keep this in mind”

Its common to feel bad when we see our fellows getting praised for something and we are scolded due to our mistakes. When he got fall of his position we just feel sympathies towards them but on the inner side we feel good and enjoy this situation we want success and fame reserved for us and to see others suffer gives us satisfaction.

If we got criticized for our work we feel bad same happens to someone we feel good which a very bad thing one is must always keep his/ her attitude positive towards work and people. Focus on removing your defects and flaws and leave others on their own.

One who gets this simple fact in mind that for achieving what’s impossible one must take every criticism positively and listened to his peers and make a positive change in his behavior and personality will get what others wish for.

Its people’s problem that they take more interest in others flaws and criticism instead of their achievement admit it we all want to see others suffer at one point in life. There are very few people who will have positive views about someone.



There are many reasons for being jealous some of them are listed below:

  1. We all will agree to this that at some time in our life we want a person to suffer be it our enemy or friend. We wish ill for them and will be secretly happy to see them fall. It normal to feel jealous of one’s enemies but to feel this for our friends is not normal it’s sick. Even if a person has everything fame, ethics, and good moral value still he will feel jealous of its enemy.
  2. Who wants to be an inferior I guess nobody. We want to be superior in any case and that makes us jealous of the fellows we wish for them to have lower status than us and to suffer some more. In any case, his position must be lower than us.
  3. When someone famous sees other person getting same fame or praise by others he feel envy towards him and he thinks that person is not at all deserving of such respect. We want everything for ourselves and are very much conscious of the thing that other person doesn’t copy us.
  4. When two people want the same thing and are struggling for the same thing they become jealous of each other and there is no other reason of jealousy among them they just want to have more than what other person has and they want everyone to concentrate on them and just listened to them every one of us has this feeling no matter what age we are at or what profession we are in, everyone wants to be the center of the attention. This feeling is present in children also they want their parents and teachers to just focus on them and they want their best friends to stay just their friends and mind a lot if they got frank with other children.


This feeling is considered as sickness. And the cure for this sickness is that one should only focus on the positivity of himself and try to understand this feeling of jealousy for others what are the reasons why he is jealous and try to make good relationship with them and prefer honesty rather envy in any relation.


Understand that this jealousy is going to harm you more than him. It will increase your suffering and agony, it’s not good to want illness for someone this will make us guilty and suffocate us internally.

Think jealousy as a gross thing, believe that no one wants to listen to it and they will think you a bad person, examine your opponent and try to positively compete them healthy criticism is good, don’t negatively examine a person if he has some good attributes encourage them.


“ jealousy is hate and love at the same time”

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