Jeegar Chauhan’s commendable attempt to revive the traditional “santvaani music” through his latest music video “Aatma Ni Odakh” has been a receiver of worldwide love over the web. The rapid and ongoing westernization has left behind a lot of cultural richness, unique folklores, and traditional art. Thus, Jeegar Chauhan wanted to bring back and celebrate the rich, cultural santvaani music through his new work.

The music video features famous Gujarati actors Malhar Thakar and singer Santvani Trivedi as the protagonists. It depicts a beautiful story of life and the blend of positivity weaved in the little moments of life. It sets a lively and very positive image that rejuvenates the soul and motivates for endurance in a new day. According to writer-producer Jeegar Chauhan, the song upholds a golden concept of life with the inclusion of various aspects of the Indian culture. It is made to spread a positive message to the society and thus everyone should watch it.

Undoubtedly, the audience’s reaction has been plenty of love and appreciation. They have loved the melody, the lyrics, and the entirety of the full music track. The stunning visuals offer a wonderful cinematic experience and the mesmerizing locations across the desert and rural India act as a beautiful ode. It also depicts the uniqueness and beauty of being alone and the need of harnessing me-time to quality work. As the video continues to receive love from ages eight to eighty, it has become a must-watch for all art lovers!