There is an untapped potential within each and every one of us. All it takes is for us to channel our positive energies towards the universe so it may conspire in our favor. As human beings, we are adept at manifesting whatever it is that we desire. With the right mindset and the right actions, we are capable of so much more than we know. Jennifer Neville has taken the next step towards helping women realize their power, helping them exercise control in various aspects of their lives, such as love and business.

Born in Bradenton, Florida, Jennifer Neville is a Half-Dominican businesswoman who currently resides in Tampa, Florida. She expertly utilizes techniques such as astrology, tarot, and intuitive coaching to help people understand how to tap into their creative energies, allowing them to design offerings based on what feels most inspiring to them.

Jennifer Neville had always been driven by passion, so she designed her life around the pursuit of the endless passion that sprung out of her. Initially, Jennifer played competitive golf her entire life and then went ahead and performed professionally for four years after she graduated from school. “I was always fascinated with mindset development and knew that I wanted to one day have a platform to help others feel confident in pursuing their dreams,” she explained.

With her vast experiences in playing golf professionally, Jennifer Neville learned a lot about success, winning, and discipline. Once she retired from professional golf, she began her own YouTube channel dedicated to tarot and astrology. Her social media platform allowed her to help coach others to find success like her.

Throughout her entire business journey, Jennifer Neville always drew her inspiration from people like Gabby Bernstein, who was a staunch proponent of spiritual notions such as the law of attraction and the abundance mindset. What seemed to be an inspiration that began in her college days turned out to be a massively pivotal aspect of her current success.

Contrary to popular belief, things haven’t always been smooth for Jennifer Neville. She faced a lot of challenges in life, resorting to a lot of trial and error to get to where she is now. She had to separate herself from something that she dedicated most of her life to, forcing herself to disconnect from the identity of Jen, the golfer. “Growth and expansion in itself are often very painful, having to face hard truths and make sacrifices when it comes to the awakening process as we up-level ourselves,” says Jennifer eloquently.

She hopes to finish writing her book and officially become a published author soon. In the near future, she hopes to continue creating digital courses and online offerings as well as in-person experiences such as speaking engagements and the like. Jennifer Neville hopes that her story will spark joy in the hearts of many. She is an inspiration to a lot of women everywhere. As she continues to gain success in her chosen field, she hopes to become a beacon of light so that others may reach for the stars and achieve their dreams much as she has.

To know more about Jennifer Neville, make sure to check out her official website.