In today’s world, we thrive on perfection, competition and performance, which leads to an insidious increase in stress. Stress may be life-threatening since it results in damage that is usually underestimated, and it is a social phenomenon that should be keenly examined and evaluated. Most people feel stressed from time to time, especially when working with big brands. This stress comes as a result of increased pressure at the workplace. Stress is how the body and the brain respond to any demand. That’s why any form of challenges such as performance at work or school, a significant life change or a traumatic event can be stressful.

Jeremiah Davis is the personal photographer to the Chainsmokers and the founder of ThatOneBlondKid. He rose to his career through directly messaging strangers. And when he met Rory Kramer, everything turned around until finally, he met the Chainsmokers. But how has Jeremiah Davis managed to set his mind to break through the junk achieving success working with billion-dollar brands without stress?

Work Hard And Stay Connected

Staying connected with people who provide emotional support and practical aid can help reduce stress. When Jeremiah was just about to graduate, he related to Rory Kramer and offered to shoot drone footage for him. Rory had toured with the Chainsmokers and Justin Bieber, and so Jeremiah knew very well what to do when he reached out. Rory invited him to his apartment to drop footages onto his hard drives. 

Jeremiah’s mind opened. He realized that Rory was editing on a Macbook Pro that was older than his and was shooting on the same camera as he did. That is what saved him the emotional stress. He realized that the only thing preventing him from working with people he wanted was hard work and connections- this revelation changed his life drastically. Therefore stay connected with meaningful people. They will help you get high doors of success in your life as well as help you with useful advice. 

Overcome ‘Innovation Stress’

Innovation can evoke sensations of fatigue and anxiety since it is one of the most daunting things, especially when working with big brands and clients like the Chainsmokers. When Jeremiah first connected with The Chainsmokers, he was trying to experiment with a pretty disruptive editing style that relied on in-your-face music, cut together with raw moments out of the camera. When they thought it was unique, they brought him a few short tours. He then made a few videos that impressed them. However, he realized that the videos could have their prick at the world’s coolest content creators whenever they want. Therefore, there is a need to keep pushing boundaries in video content with them to help them stand out. 

The following are a few ways to set your mind to overcome innovation stress. 

  • Don’t fear failure- You need to celebrate your failures. Most people get anxious and stressed when being asked to develop new ideas in fear of failure. Innovation is a high risk, and failure may be inevitable. 
  • Embrace Constraints- Embracing constraints in innovation work can bring great success. 
  • Keep innovation meaningful- Ensure change remains meaningful by having an ambition. 

Commit To Your Creative Discipline

Discipline is paramount in achieving any success. Sometimes and those times are many, you will have to wait in training to perfect in your creative work. You will need to persevere for a couple of months or years to make your stuff good or better. Most people quit at this stage because the majority of people are not disciplined. 

Therefore commit to your creative discipline and love it. Not because it is going to get you cool or because you will meet influential people but because you want things to fall in place. Jeremiah took photos and shot videos in high school and college, before anyone followed him, and before he made any money. In the online space, it looked like Jeremiah “blew up”, but the truth is that he had been shooting for years and years because he loved it. Therefore, discipline your mind to get committed in training. Train yourself relentlessly to be that perfect person you want to be. It will save you the shame and stress of doing a shoddy job and giving mediocre output in your place of work.