Jesse D Poole

Jesse D Poole is the Creative Director and Owner of Poole Media Co. located in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Jesse offers an interesting perspective being a business owner who has felt the turmoil brought upon by the Pandemic, but also skilled to help navigate small businesses through the digital space to have a fighting chance. Jesse’s wide creative skillset includes social media planning to full scale content production, with photography currently earning him recognition by U.S. Forest Service – Kisatchie National Forest for his astrophotography photo capturing the mesmerizing night sky over the Kisatchie National Forest. With Jesse facing the struggles of keeping his own business afloat paired with his interesting perspective of working with other small businesses, Jesse shares how he balances his well-being while keeping himself accountable.

We’re living in strange times, witnessing businesses open and close throughout the pandemic. I’m sure it’s the same everywhere. What we’ve seen people struggle with the most is adaptation.  We’re leading them into using something once thought of as a “non-necessity” that’s quickly become the driving force to keeping their doors open.

Jesse D Poole

To say that the COVID-19 Pandemic has brought upon stress and strength to all walks of life would be an understatement. As we near 1 year into the Pandemic, we continue to watch small businesses board up and close their doors for good. Establishments that have been staples in communities have had to make difficult decisions throughout the past few months, cutting staff, scheduling reduced hours, or being forced to close their doors for good.

If we’re being honest, I’ve struggled with my state of mind. Being a business owner, I empathize with my clients because we’re all struggling. The pandemic has made everything seem like an insurmountable obstacle. But business owners share attributes that are part of our job description: passion, confidence, and ambition.

I feel like we’ve struggled to meet all our clients on their level while dealing with Covid restrictions. When we started our company it was with the idea that we’d be building personal relationships with our clients. We wanted our workflow to be very “boots on the ground” oriented in the sense that we’d be visiting in-person with clients on a regular basis. We’ve had to think outside the box and find unique and innovative solutions for clients who’ve reached out to us because of the growing need for a strong digital presence.

Jesse D Poole

Not every small business owner has been forced to make that difficult decision to close down. These small few are the remaining small business owners having to overcome the daily stress that compounds each day that passes. How this stress is processed determines overcoming the obstacle or not, and ultimately if the business continues to see another day. Jesse is an individual who is a business owner himself, and through that business is able to help other small businesses have a fighting chance in surviving the Pandemic.