We live in unprecedented times, and the online world is drastically changing. If you don’t align yourself accordingly, you’ll lose relevance and miss out on amazing opportunities. But where do you begin when you are clueless about the available opportunities, the paths to follow, sites to visit, and skillset to build? That’s where coaching and mentorship come in. Finding a person who has walked that journey, made mistakes, and learned from them and now has paved a path with fewer obstacles and a clear end. 

Jessica Hawks is a true coaching genius who understands best the online world, how to position yourself and make a six-figure salary consistently. As a modern online coach, she empowers and supports new entrepreneurs in becoming virtual assistants worldwide. With solid and relevant education, Jessica Hawks provides a deep dive into scaling profit in the VA industry, as well as ethical and sustainable business savvy. That’s not all. She has been featured on Yahoo News, TikTok, In The Know, and VIP Global Magazine. 

Jessica recommends these top 5 online service provider careers,  

  • Tech Virtual Assistant. 

This deals with managing tech support inquiries, building out workflows in the software your client uses. This niche is perfect for the analytical and solution-oriented brain. 

  • Creative Virtual Assistant

Here, you’ll be dealing with graphic design, photography, witty captions, and even story captions. This niche is fantastic for an artistic visionary mind which was always doodling on homework in class.

  • Social Media Manager

This is a perfect niche for anyone who loves creating community/following and strategy. The purpose will be to help businesses grow their audience, prospects and create authority as they create an interactive forum for their prospects and clients. 

  • Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

It involves creating eye-catching designs and sweet layouts for social media and websites. This niche is for the digitally savvy, inventive dreamer who wants to make everything a vibe.

  • Copywriter

This freelance job involves writing marketing emails, captions, blogs, product reviews, blogs, and other website content. If you have a knack for writing and communication, being a copywriter online is for you!

If you want to start an online career, Jessica Hawks LLC offers guides, masterclasses & 10-week courses. The Digital Millennial Masterclass is a 4+ hour live event that gives you the foundations you need to launch your online business the right way. Digital Creatives Academy is a 10-week high-touch program that includes course modules, private access to Jessica & her co-coaches, guest experts & exclusive training. As a result, Jessica’s students graduate being booked out online, quitting their 9-5 jobs and doubling or tripling their corporate income.  

Jessica isn’t just another coach. Her story is far from traditional. She states, ‘I grew up experiencing family difficulties and never had a clear idea of what my future would look like. So, I did online schooling in middle & high school and began working full time at 16.’

Later, she’d join Nursing School only to quit after two years when she knew it wasn’t right for her. She began her VA career in March of 2020, and within 4 months, she had quadrupled her corporate income, and within a year, she had hit multiple six figures. She knows how it feels to be lost and unsure of life, want to travel, make your schedule, and truly enjoy what you do. That’s why she is committed to helping others create a life they can enjoy, meet their life goals and live their dreams. To contact Jessica and her team, click here