Americans are kind of terrible at taking vacation—and JetBlue is cheekily making fun of it with a selection of “office souvenirs” that point to all the memories you made at work rather than chilling on the beach or trekking through the woods.

A few of our favorites include a Memory Mug emblazoned with the email cliche “Let’s Circle Back On That,” a “Clean Whiteboard” scented candle and a “Paper Jams Are My Jam” commemorative plate. (Yes, you can really buy them, and most of them are a reasonable $10 or less.)

It’s a clever way of poking fun at a pretty awful cultural problem. Data suggests that in 2000, the average American worker took 20 days of vacation a year. In 2015, it was down to 16.2 days annually. While less than rosy job security certainly plays a role, losing almost a week of vacation, on average, really makes you think the whole country needs more time off. Indeed, other research suggests that not getting away could be costing you a raise.

The good news: at least you can finally get your work wife a “Don’t forget to CC Me” trucker hat.


  • DRAKE BAER is a deputy editor at Business Insider, where he leads a team of 20+ journalists in covering the shifting nature of organizations, wealth, and demographics in the United States. He has been a senior writer at New York Magazine, a contributing writer at Fast Company, and the director of content for a human resources consultancy. A speaker at the Aspen Ideas Festival and other conferences, he circumnavigated the globe before turning 25. Perception is his second book.