Jiten Thakkar is an entrepreneur who launched Local Forever platform with a motive to get local business online. Jiten Thakkar started his company Local Forever earlier this year with an intent to help small and offline local businesses to explore the digital media and benefit from it. Due to pandemic, a lot of business owners suffered loses. Hence, Local Forever came out as a solution to a larger problem that has been holding people to get their own business or brand website. The platform provides services that help them build a space online and to sustain in the market; that too at a reasonable rate.

Jiten says Everyone wishes to have the freedom of an entrepreneur but not all are ready to take action towards their goal. Action is what differentiates wish and goal. All entrepreneurs must plan & take massive actions after checking their risk appetite and resources they have.

Clearly, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But how do you know whether it’s for you? By asking yourself if you have what it takes to be a leader because, are you willing to do it everyday initially even if you are not paid, how badly you want it. Even after hiring efficient employees, most of your business will always depend on you. Starting your own business is a definitely a big step. You want your passion to be recognized and appreciated by people who share similar interests. Or, maybe they didn’t know they needed something until you introduced it to them! Yes, the process is intimidating, but being an entrepreneur also means you are the writer of your own success story. 

Entrepreneurs are recognized for their passion & persistence, if you aren’t passionate about the business you are getting into yourself, giving up in tough times will always be an easier option, says Thakkar.

Below given are the five traits of entrepreneurs shared by Jiten Thakkar  

1. They Lead from the front

Entrepreneurs should always lead from the front. Leadership quality is extremely important. Most efficient entrepreneurs always do tough things themselves to show that they can be done. This always creates a positive outlook in the team towards any obstacle. A leader has effective communication skills and the ability to bind his team to work in full force to acheive a common goal in a way that the entire team is well motivated and work as a unit. Always stay updated with latest trends in your industry, that always will ensure your team can come up to you in case of any queries.

2. They Listen More Than They Speak 

This is a trait that is a tough one to acquire. Most successful entrepreneurs always listen to the prospective of their team, instead of dictating terms just from their own perspective. Listening help us to learning from one another as well as get details on any loop holes in the plan or strategy to move forward. A true entrepreneur always takes suggestions from team before the decision making process.

3. They’re Ready to Embrace Failure 

Like risk is always attached to rewards, embracing small failures is always attached to the big success. While uncalculated risks are never wise, an entrepreneur do have to take risk and accept that there will be failures in their journey towards success. The bigger risk sometimes is just playing safe all the time and not taking any risk. There are tons of stories of entrepreneurs who have had multiple failures in their past & today they are very successful. 

4. Drive

One of the top traits of an entrepreneur is to find ways to persevere even in unfavourable situations and conditions. They don’t look at quitting as an option and always think the only way ahead is to make it work. Sometimes things don’t actually go as you plan them, in such cases always assess the situation and find a way to keep going forward towards your end goals. Develop a purpose, mission & vision always greater than yourself & then make a strategy to consistently follow it. Find what drives you to become an entrepreneur, if it is something bigger than money, you will always be putting extra efforts to make it work without reasons and complaints. 

5. Always on time

Let’s face it: Entrepreneurs are extremely busy. At the same time, they are utterly respectful of others’ time and are aware that being on time for an engagement is actually much more efficient. When they cannot make it on time, they typically notify others before the engagement.