When life gives you lemons, it’s not always easy to make lemonade. Sometimes things turn sour.

Talking about depression has always been a hard issue for people. Many don’t even have words, they just can’t find the words. And many, don’t find people who can relate to them.

Music and songs are a great outlet when the blue wave washes one over. Be it listening to music, sharing songs to let the other person know how you’re feeling or making music yourself.

JJ Young, a 25-year-old Ohioan too found refuge in the lap of music.

When JJ was deployed, he saw unimaginable terrors and ran to music to save himself from the shadows.

“I’ve had rockets fire in my direction. Walked miles and miles in the hot desert with my life on the line. Seen many of my friends die right in front of my eyes. I won’t ever wish my experiences on anybody. It’s really tough to live when there are all these ghosts of the past around you, all the time. Music is my only solace and it goes out to everyone in need of it.”, says JJ about his music.

The trauma that JJ Young has endured would break anybody. However, JJ refuses to stay broken, he gets up everyday to dedicate himself to his passion.

JJ’s music explores the delicate themes of depression, the pressures of being a man, and initiates an unfiltered, unabashedly true conversation about mental health.