The online space has never been more competitive… Look around and you’ll see a sea full of coaches and course creators fighting over the audience’s attention and interest…

What does this mean for you? Put simply, it’s become challenging to succeed and thrive as an online creator… but it’s not impossible.

Here’s the truth, while a lot of coaches are “struckling” (struggling but still stuck), not knowing where or when their next client is going to come from, some coaches – even new ones – come in like a wrecking ball, completely wipe out the competition and make mind-boggling numbers.

What’s the difference? And more importantly, how can you come in and differentiate yourself from the aggressive competition and dominate your space?

Here to answer that for you is Joanna Sherrow. Joanna Sherrow is a Canva Certified Creative, self-taught designer. She helps knowledge entrepreneurs sell more of their courses and programs  using  WordPress and Kajabi. She is also the creator and founder of SavvyChic Design and Savvy Template Shop. 

Her main mission is to create a visually cohesive brand for businesses online. She designs her client’s brands and builds online courses that will showcase the creator’s expertise and help convert the audience into customers. 

See, Joanna’s approach is different from most designers’. What makes her special is her background. In fact, besides being a great designer, she also understands marketing and communication. She graduated university with a degree in mass communication, and went on to build a successful career in sales and marketing.

Then, Joanna discovered her passion for design and visual graphics. She combined it with her deep understanding of marketing and decided to launch her business, SavvyChic Design.

Today, after helping coaches build their brand and sell their courses, It’s become clear to Joanna that all it takes is to make it in this competitive environment is to have an “edge” over your competition. 

As she explains, you need to show authority in the marketplace. In other words, you need to position yourself as the expert you truly are, and have a brand that showcases your expertise.

How do you do that?

It all starts by having a visually cohesive brand. See, good design goes a long way. It catches your prospect’s attention and separates you from all your competitors who aren’t investing into the visuals. Afterall, branding is all about how people feel about you, and having professional graphics is essential.

If you want to learn more about what Joanna does, or how she could potentially help you scale your business to the moon with captivating websites, graphics, and branding that will convert, then feel free to check out her instagram account by clicking here, or visit her website