Thanks to the pandemic, we are amidst uncertain times. Many industries have been hit hard, companies have gone out of business, and unemployment is on an all-time high since the Great Depression. Even then, people are looking for a job switch. 

So what gives? ​​Kaspersky’s Securing the Future of Work’ report reveals that 35% of workers are considering a switch. The two biggest drivers behind this phenomenon are a pay hike and a better work-life balance. According to the above report, 49% of employees wanted a higher salary, and 41% wished for a fair work-life balance. 

If you are also among those wishing for better avenues for some or other reason, the very idea may seem daunting given the uncertain times. But rest assured, you can follow the tips in this article to change your job during the pandemic successfully.

Build Or Reach Out to Your Network

Companies are hesitant to hire, thanks to the uncertainty, and rightfully so. However, having a network of acquaintances working in a desired field or company will help you know if the particular company is actively looking to fill up a job vacancy. 

If you have a limited network, this would be the perfect time to sign up on LinkedIn and find connections in the desired field or company. This way, if someone shares a job posting, you should spot it immediately and apply.

Another good option is to look for a local hiring agency. Hiring agencies usually have the requirements list of various companies in their database and can match your resume with a job that you’ll be the right fit for. 

For example, if you’re looking for Leeds jobs, a hiring agency based in Leeds will likely have a list of vacancies available. They will match your needs perfectly with the clients and land you your dream job.

Now Is the Time to Update Resume

If you are actively seeking jobs, take this time to analyze your experience and compare it to the job that you want to land. Find common grounds between your desired job and expertise. Update your resume to highlight these skills to improve your chance of getting hired.

Additionally, companies value soft skills a lot in the current remote working situation. Personality traits such as effective communication, good teamwork, ability to take the initiative, and being able to adapt will immediately give you an upper hand. Therefore, it’s advisable to highlight these skills on your resume to get an edge over the competition.

Bridge the Skill Gaps

As mentioned before, soft skills and technical skills that you have harbored over years of experience can be easily transferred to a new career. However, it’s natural to have some skill gaps when you are switching careers. To have a better chance at landing your dream job, you’ll need to acquire the necessary skills to bridge the gap.

If you have time on your hands, sign up for virtual classes required for that particular skill. This will give you the basic knowledge and understanding of what it’s all about. Remember, companies recognize and value potential even if you don’t have prior experience to show for that particular skill. 

Tackle the Art of Virtual Interviews

If there’s one major shift in the trend that the ongoing pandemic has caused, it has to be the way the hiring process is conducted. Gone are the days of walk-in interviews, elaborate tests, and final selection. According to a survey, 41% of recruiters across the US, Australia, and the UK said that virtual interviews helped them identify the best candidates, and 54% said it has sped up the whole process.

Currently, you have to attend a virtual interview on a video conferencing platform like ZOOM, give online tests and assignments, and finally have another final video interview before you are selected. This is the most basic hiring process there is, and the number of virtual discussions and assignments might vary from company to company.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to put in some effort to level up your virtual interview game. Practice with your family, set up a professional corner in the house for such interviews, dress appropriately and show virtual interviews the same respect as a traditional one-on-one meeting. 

These are testing times for industries and companies, which means jobs are hard to come by. Therefore, be prepared to go through a long journey of multiple job applications and hiring processes before you find the right fit for your needs. Being patient and persistent will help you reach the finish line.